I Hate It, But It Keeps Coming Back

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Basics of Healing

A treatment can help you to feel better now... but education to learn how to help your body heal and stay healthy lasts you for the rest of your life. Following … [Read more...]


Supplements of the week- Antronex and Allerplex Antronex-- one of my favorite and perfect for this time of the year! POLLEN When your car is yellow and you … [Read more...]


LATEST HAPPENINGS AT THE OFFICE I want to let everyone know what is new and exciting at the office. We want to welcome Dr. Amanda Mahaffey and Dr. Nellie … [Read more...]

Boost Your Immune System

Boost Your Immune System I wanted to write to you and address some effective strategies that we all can take to improve the immune systems of our families and … [Read more...]

Seduced By Salt, Sugar and Fat

Have You Been Seduced by Salt, Sugar and Fat? Learn how the food giants have hooked us. Back in 1999, a group of men who controlled America's largest food … [Read more...]

We're Finally Settled Into Our New Space

I wanted to update everyone on our move! We are finally settled in. The place looks great! The layout is so much more efficient than our other space. Check out … [Read more...]

Baraka Women's Center

How Can You Help the Women at the Baraka Women's Center? And Your Friends and Family? It all starts with Friends & Family Day!   Our patient … [Read more...]

Mammograms Do Not Prevent Cancer

Do You Believe Mammograms Prevent Cancer? It IS NOT True! We have attended health fairs and business "lunch-n-learns", hosted workshops and spoke to church … [Read more...]

What's Making You So Crazed? Could it Be Your Blood Sugar?

How Your Spouse's Blood Sugar can be Dangerous to YOUR Health Do you avoid certain people if you know they haven't eaten in a while? Or is someone avoiding … [Read more...]