The holidays are here! I want to share my best tips for a healthy holiday with better choices to maintain your health during this time of family and food.

Make a plan.

Who said that when we fail to plan, we plan to fail? Many of us have worked very hard to get to where we are health-wise right now, and the holidays and our planning or lack thereof will make all the difference in whether we keep our gains or go backward and have to start again.

Either way, I will help you, but I worked hard for my health gains this year and want to keep them until January and not start again!

It can be more than tempting when that table laden with goodies is right within our reach, but you can be ready!

When I first started my health journey, it was at this time of the year almost 30 years ago. Like many of my patients, I had severe health problems. I was addicted to sugar, and sadly I was the last to figure it out. Thankfully, I had the help and support of my health team and my husband to make it through that first holiday season sugar-free! I did it because the long-term health I sought was more important than the sugar I was abandoning. I wanted to be well, and I know you do too!

So that brings us to the plan. What to do when all around us have different ideas about how to eat and what to eat?

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Know yourself and determine where you are regarding the condition of your health right now.

Like me back then, you may just be getting started on a health journey. You may have blood sugar problems, gut issues, and health concerns that the wrong foods can worsen. At best, for you, the healing that you have been building for the last several weeks or months can be jeopardized; at worst, you could put yourself back into the conditions you just pulled yourself out of recently.

So, take a good honest look. If you are in an acute phase of healing, it is best for you to take a more sugar-free, low-carb approach to the holiday season. This means avoiding the high sugar and the high carb meals and desserts bound to be at the table. You could volunteer to make a keto dessert with a sugar substitute like monk fruit or stevia (recipes attached) and bring some lower- to the table for you and others who would thank you.

You do not have to make yourself stand out. You can share with your loved ones that you are on a health journey and appreciate their help and support. Most of our good friends and family will be so happy for us as we travel the road to wellness. You have choices; please remember this.

You have more willpower and control than you think.

For those of you who have past the acute phase of health and have things more under control, I recommend healthier options for sure and moderation.

Those of you who can tolerate some meals that contain more foods than your normal diet, be moderate. In this situation, I take a look at where I am health-wise and plan ahead.

This year, I am in charge of the desserts, so I will make all my desserts with monk fruit, and make them gluten-free. I do not do well with wheat or gluten and dairy has never been my friend. I have also worked super hard to lose a few pounds recently and now a days a week off of eating properly for me can undo 3 months of hard work!

Here is my plan for this year: I will enjoy the turkey the vegetables, the potatoes. I may have a small serving of the gluten free dressing  and the sugar free sweet potatoes.  I am bringing  a large healthy salad.

If you have specific question about your individual health condition please ask! We can make a plan together.

Improve Thinking
Improve Thinking

Here are two scenarios:

  1. You have a health problem, and you know your current eating choices will either help you or hurt you. In this case, plan! Get help from us to plan your holiday meal. Just email or give us a call. We are here to help. Your choices today and for the next few months can determine your future holiday choices!
  2. You are in more of a wellness condition but need to be aware and mindful of what you eat so you do not activate old habits or lose progress you have worked hard for. You should also make a plan. Figure out what you can bring to the table so you can enjoy the feast and still feel well afterwards. Be moderate and enjoy smaller servings of the rich stuff, and larger servings of the healthier options like vegetables, salads and protein.
Here are some of my very favorite holiday recipes.
Medical Opinions
Medical Opinions


You can make all of them gluten free and dairy free. If you want help to modify one of your recipes to make it healthier, please send it to me via email and I will do my best to help you! I love good food and just because I choose to live healthier does not mean I sacrifice eating well! We teach you how to eat healthy in our crazy world so holidays are no exception. You can have your cake and eat it too. You just may have to modify it a bit so it feeds you and nourishes you! I am here to help.

Medical Opinions
Medical Opinions

A Word About Immunity & Avoiding Illness

There is no better time to boost your immunity than right now. We currently are experiencing high levels of upper respiratory illnesses across the age categories. This fall, many of my patients have been sick multiple times with different illnesses, sometimes for weeks on end. Children seem especially vulnerable.

Eating healthy is very important as we ride this new wave of viral overload. Sleeping well and getting a walk in or a workout in regularly can go a long way to preventing illness. Vitamin D vitamin C and zinc are great nutrients to keep elevated during the flu season. We have immune supplement packages available at the office for children and adults.

As many of you know, my custom herbal remedies are strong and effective. Please call and I will formulate one for you. I use therapeutic strength herbals from Australia that are pure and tested to contain exactly what is listed on the bottle. We also have liquid remedies and chewable supplements for the kids. Our immune protocols have kept our patients healthy for the last three years and they will continue to do that now. Even if you have not been in the office for a while, we can still customize an immune supplement program for you and your family. Give us a call.

Getting sick is never good for your body. Long Covid is a reality for many people and comes with a sobering list of inflammatory problems, that current medicine has no solutions for. Repeat infections with Covid carry risks for long term lung problems, heart problems and neurological problems. This is a new virus for our world and for our individual bodies. We are still learning. This Covid virus may very well undermine our bodies’ own immunity. It is never good to be sick. The risks and damage can sometimes be irreversible. I am attaching two articles I would recommend that you read to give you some perspective.

Please remember as you gather, to take precautions. Make sure no one is ill and if you are stay home. Masking works. Wear a mask in large groups when you are out. When you gather for holidays, ventilate your home by opening windows, using air purifiers or having large gatherings outside. Take care to protect the older and immune compromised around you.

Here’s a link to the air filters we use at the clinic.

We are still in this pandemic. We are still learning. My advice is to stay vigilant, and do all the common-sense things you have learned to do. I wear a mask in a crowd, in a store or if there are too many people in a small space I wait outside. I carry hand sanitizer and I sanitize often and wash my hands often. I eat outside at restaurants as the weather permits and we do carry out as well.

Take good care. Each of you bring something special and beautiful to this world whether it is art, or being a good mom or a great friend or a mentor to others. Your life matters in this great scheme of things. Advocate for yourself and your loved ones. You are valuable and you deserve the best self-care and the best life you can create!

Happy Holiday Season!

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