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Help For Chronic Problems...

When nothing else has worked: digestive problems, hormone imbalances, menstrual and menopause issues, fibroids, pain and inflammation, thyroid, blood pressure, blood sugar, sleep, energy, depression and many more difficult health conditions.

Are you caught in the Tiger Trap?
A Tiger Trap is a hole covered over with grass that you don’t see until after you’ve fallen into it.

Chronic health problems are the Tiger Trap in the modern health system, the gaping hole you fall into. If you’re suffering from an ongoing or repeating health problem, your doctor has probably told you that there is no solution other than drugs for the rest of your life to make the symptoms more tolerable.

You see the TV ads with people smiling happily because their problem has been “fixed” by a pill. If you take the drug and your symptoms decrease, you are now considered healthy, even if you have to take that drug for the rest of your life.

How To Escape From The Trap
There is a solution, but it’s not a quick fix from drugs or surgery. It’s your body’s own capacity to heal. Your body knows how to heal itself, given the right environment. After all, you grew from a fetus into a baby without being instructed, and you’ve healed a cut finger without being aware of how to do it.

But at some point, you’ve fallen too deep in the hole, and you can’t climb out on your own. If your fatigue, depression, pain, hormonal dysfunction or brain-fog leave you wondering how you’ll get through another day… we can help.

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Dr. Melodie Billiot

Dr. Melodie M. Billiot, DC

Founder of Alternative Health Atlanta and EvecticsSM Health Therapy System

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