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Dr. Billiot

Dr. Melodie Billiot

With the EvecticsSM System, We Have Seen These Results

The goal of EvecticsSM: A patient’s body that is no longer a problem in their life, for the rest of their life.
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What Makes Us Different

Since 1994, We have offered science-based holistic solutions enabling people to end their health problems and take control of their own health.

  • We are a RESULTS-driven practice, using only non-invasive techniques.
  • Instead of treating disease or medical conditions, we provide natural ways of finding out why the body is functioning incorrectly. Once this is found, the correct function can be restored using the natural techniques in the EvecticsSM system.
  • EvecticsSM is a system of identifying and addressing the priority stresses preventing the body from healing. It does not utilize “trial and error” or best guesses. An EvecticsSM  practitioner knows exactly what to do next that will most help the body to heal.
  • EvecticsSM requires personalized treatment with a caring practitioner. Patients are full participants in their own healing, and progress only takes place with caring practitioners listening to and helping their patients.
  • EvecticsSM is re-defining healthcare as: “a competent and caring practice where patients not only get better but continue to improve their health on an ongoing basis to avoid future difficulties.”
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Insulin Resistance: More Dangerous Than High Cholesterol

Insulin Resistance: More Dangerous Than High Cholesterol

Insulin Resistance-- More Dangerous Than High Cholesterol Contrary to what most people have been told, elevated cholesterol is not the villain it has been made out to be.  Unfortunately, many people are chasing the wrong criminal when it comes to improving health...

High Oxalates Foods: Much More than just Kidney Stone Risk

High Oxalates Foods: Much More than just Kidney Stone Risk

Low Oxalates Foods May Help Reduce Auto-Immune Disease Risk, Autism and Fibromyalgia Oxalate (or oxalic acid) is a compound found in a variety of plant-based foods. Under a microscope, oxalates are jagged in structure and look somewhat crystalline. During metabolism,...

Allergies Don’t Have to be a Forever Problem

Allergies Don’t Have to be a Forever Problem

Allergies Don’t Have to be a “Forever” Problem If you have allergies, you are usually doing your best to live with them. You are trying to avoid the foods and environmental substances that trigger your reactions (in many cases, you might not know what they all are)....

SMASH: Potent Recipe to Increase Omega-3

SMASH: Potent Recipe to Increase Omega-3

SMASH: The Potent Recipe for Increasing Omega 3 The acronym SMASH stands for salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, and herring. These are the fish that are safest and healthiest to eat. They are nutrient-rich, high in omega-3s, and are low in mercury. SMASH fish are...

Does Milk Really Make a Body Good? The Other Side of Story

Does Milk Really Make a Body Good? The Other Side of Story

Does Milk Really Make a Body Good? The Other Side of Story Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., DACBN, MS, CFMP I have to wonder how the government dietary guidelines still recommend consuming three glasses of milk a day.  Where is there any evidence to support this...

3 Tests Tell You How Long You Will Live

3 Tests Tell You How Long You Will Live

3 Tests Tell You How Long You Will Live Most people have a desire to live life to the fullest with a combination of quantity and quality. There are many parameters that may determine how long you live, however,this short article presents the findings of five...

Get the Full Understanding

Are you a woman with severe, long-term, or frustrating health problems?

Are you exhausted, depressed, anxious, or unable to sleep? Do you feel hormone crazy and overwhelmed? Do you have digestive disturbances, joint pain, headaches, hair loss and weight gain? Do you wonder how you got here? One day you woke up in a complete mess, but can’t for the life of you figure out how it happened?
It’s not your fault, but you CAN fix it. In this book you’ll discover:
  • What hormones are and how they control your body
  • Stress: How your body can and should deal with it
  • The true story of healthy—and unhealthy—contraception
  • A proactive approach to breast health
  • How to get your life back—with energy and vitality for all the stages of your life as a woman.
Your Hormones in Harmony is written by a woman and a doctor who has lived through her own exhaustion and illness, and discovered the answers to her own health. As a result, she has helped thousands of women just like you to regain their health.

Are You Ready to Get Your Life Back?

Dr. Billiot has written this book based on 25 years of unique experience: Owning Alternative Health Atlanta, a clinic that specializes in helping patients that no one else has been able to help.

If you are one of these people, if you have “unsolvable” health problems, the information in this book could change your life. If you simply want to know how to get healthy and stay healthy in a stressful and toxic world, you’ll need the information in this book as well.

Find out how chronic disease doesn’t have to stay chronic! Learn how you can take control of your own health and stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Read this book, then give a copy to a friend.