New Patient Information Form

Congratulations for making the decision to improve your health!
To prepare for your first visit, you will need to complete a New Patient Information Form. It is important that you complete all parts of this form and get it back to us BEFORE your appointment. This allows our practitioners to familiarize themselves with your case and do any needed research before your visit.

There are detailed instructions within the form explaining how to submit the form to us. Basically, you’ll:
  1. Download/Save the form to your computer.
  2. Open the form once it is on your computer (in PDF format)
  3. Complete it on your computer
  4. Save it again to your computer
  5. Attach it to an email
  6. And then send it to
  7. OR you can print and Fax it to (888) 908-2624
  8. ALTERNATELY, you can print out the  blank form, fill it out by hand and Fax it to the number above.

If you have any difficulty with this process, just call our office at 770-612-1100. They’ll be happy to help you with any problem you are having.

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