Meet Our Team

Dr. Melodie M. Billiot

Dr. Melodie M. Billiot

Dr. Billiot is a best-selling author, the founder and owner of Alternative Health Atlanta and the developer the EvecticsSM system of natural health improvement. Dr. Billiot shares her expertise nationwide as a teacher of nutritional and energetic techniques.

Dr. Billiot graduated from Life University summa cum laude and valedictorian of her class. Her certifications include CRA and Nutrition Response Testing, Systems Desensitization Technique (SDT) and N.A.E.T. allergy elimination techniques, Systems Balancing Technique (SBT) hormone balancing technique, JMT immune technique, several chiropractic adjusting techniques, with extensive further study in homeopathy, herbology, Chinese medicine, clinical nutrition and pain control using nutrition.

Soon after graduating Life University, Dr. Billiot became frustrated with the lack of consistent results with chiropractic treatment for health issues beyond musculoskeletal conditions. She sought solutions for her patients other than drugs and surgery. Furthermore, she found herself fighting a serious health problem of her own. Her research for holistic and nutritional techniques began in earnest. As a result of this in-depth research, Dr. Billiot recovered her own health! She also made significant improvements in patient health results. Now, a decade and one-half later, Dr. Billiot has one of the most successful holistic practices in the country. She also trains other practitioners in clinical nutrition and other holistic techniques.

Beyond the office, Dr. Billiot loves spending time with her family, hiking in the North Georgia mountains and traveling. Her favorite place on earth is Paris! She loves her three cats and tolerates her two dogs. Dr. Billiot loves to grow things! She is a certified Master Gardener and keeps her family fed with healthy vegetables from her two gardens. In addition to her farm-to-table produce, her yard has something blooming most of the year.

Our Support Staff

Norman Lowrey

Norman Lowrey

Practice Manager

Norman has been the Practice Manager of Alternative Health Atlanta since 1998.

“What I most love about working at the clinic is watching the changes in our patient’s lives. It’s truly great that patients have less symptoms and more energy, but seeing them increase their engagement in, and enjoyment of their lives is what most excites me. In a ‘previous life’ I owned a bicycle shop where we sold BICYCLING instead of bike equipment. People would drive in from neighboring states to come to my store for the advice and service unavailable anywhere else. I feel like I’m helping Dr. Billiot to supply a very similar experience here. We provide guidance and assistance to regain health and life, not treatments to lessen symptoms.”

Norman has almost 40 years of experience in starting, operating, expanding and consulting many different businesses. His first business, founded in 1983, was a professional-level bicycle shop that still dominates sales in a three state area. Norman has also been a partner in a healthcare marketing firm and has worked as a consultant, reorganizing businesses ranging from heavy manufacturing, software and engineering to construction and retail.

However, once he started working with Dr. Billiot and helping “impossible” cases to recover their health and lives, he was hooked! Norman has been developing systems, researching and helping Dr. Billiot to develop the EvecticsSM system of health care since 1996. Norman has written books on Heart Rate Variability use in holistic practices and taught webinars on this subject. He has also developed practice management software specific to holistic practices.

Recently, he wrote a book, 4 Pitfalls and Traps to Lasting Health to help patients who have recovered their health maintain a healthy life.

Norman is dedicated to the EvecticsSM project, which has as its goal making the EvecticsSM system available to anyone in the US with a chronic health condition who is willing to take the personal responsibility necessary to recover their health. He is currently working on licensing the technology and setting up training for practitioners.

Norman loves being outdoors, biking, hiking and backpacking with his family.

Alec Lowrey

Alec Lowrey

Evectics(sm) Tech

Alec has been a certified EvecticsSMTech since 2019.

He recently graduated from SCAD with a degree in film, and is looking forward to starting work in the industry. Alec is also planning a startup company doing post-production.

Meanwhile, he is devoting his considerable talents to helping our patients with their acupressure treatments and assisting Dr. Billiot.

Alec is a music composer, and has published five albums through a British label. His music career has been on slow while he was a full-time student, but we can look forward to more great songs now that he’s graduated.

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