We are Dedicated to Helping Patients No One Else has been Able to Help

We are changing health care….


We are an innovative, research-driven clinic that is looking for like-minded people to join our group.

  • Do you have a deep-rooted goal to help others achieve improved, productive and rewarding lives?
  • Are you searching for an ethical, happy and productive group that refuses to compromise its principals?
  • Do you love the CONCEPT of caring, effective healthcare (if only you could find someone actually doing it!)?

We’re Hiring Right Now!

Send your resume WITH COVER LETTER* to: signups@alternativehealthatlanta.com

*Cover Letter: Please tell us why you are interested in holistic health, helping people with their health and why you would be a fabulous addition to our team.

Holistic Health Tech (We will train you)

Receptionist / Front Office Manager

Doctor (Holistic Functional Medicine Practitioner: DC, ND, LAc, MD, Nutritionist with Master's or Doctorate)

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Who Are We?

We are what health care should be.

We do the research, spend the time to really listen, evaluate extensively and achieve results with patients, often when nothing else has ever worked. We truly care about our patients, and we show this not just in how we treat them, but in results obtained and health regained. Our techniques work with the body to help it heal. We don’t use invasive or stressful treatments. Our goal is for patients to be able to monitor and maintain their own health without having to rely on drugs or doctors (including us).

We are the future of health care.

Six out of ten adults in the US have one or more chronic health conditions. In almost all cases, these illnesses don’t resolve with medical treatment of any kind, and can only be addressed by the body healing itself. The systems we have developed efficiently and effectively help a patient’s body to regain it’s ability to heal so as to resolve these increasingly common and stubborn health problems.

We are here to stay!

We started this practice in 1994, and have been helping patients using natural methods continuously for 27 years. When the pandemic hit, our clinic expanded rapidly. We developed protocols to keep our patients safe and created the first-ever telemedicine acupressure treatments. We are currently developing methods of training doctors to expand and help many more patients.

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Our Culture


Healthcare jobs often burn people out. We recognize that our approach to natural healing requires a lot of thinking, and attention to our patients. We are very busy, and our staff can’t work long hours with no breaks and still stay sharp. We start work after 9:00, take 1 – 1 ½ hours for lunch and rarely work over 40 hours per week. We don’t work on weekends, and end early on Fridays to give our staff a longer break.


We constantly play games to make various goals and win them all the time! We take trips, get gift cards and have parties. The whole staff is on our health improvement programs (employment benefit) so we feel great and have high energy.


We don’t allow gossip, backbiting, cliques or any disruption to a happy, productive work environment.

If we’re going to get our patients to recover their health, we have to be healthy ourselves!

A Note on Your Training: In the world of Holistic Medicine, it’s usual for a doctor to have to train their own staff on the techniques used in their clinic. If you have a knowledge of basic medical terminology and are very interested in natural healing, you should have no trouble with our very organized and complete training program. You will be “on the job” the first day you start, there is no prolonged period of only training.

Advancement: For staff showing aptitude and interest, we offer continuing training in acupressure and clinical nutrition. With advancement, a Holistic Health Tech or Receptionist salary may increase by $10,000 or more annually. As we expand, we need management-level staff with technical knowledge and experience. These are very responsible positions with freedom to solve problems and great compensation.

The Unsolved Health Problem:

Chronic health conditions [chronic: continuing or repeating health conditions such as digestive problems, high blood pressure, fatigue, sleep problems, hormone problems, diabetes, heart disease, etc.] affect six in ten adults in the US (CDC).

Think for a second: if you developed a severe chronic illness that had no medical solution (that would be almost all of them), exactly what would you do? Who would you go see? Do you have confidence that you could resolve the problem? Or would you be on pharmaceuticals for the rest of your life while your health continued to deteriorate?

If you had friends or family with these chronic conditions… what would you recommend for them?

People are often perplexed and confused by this question. They really don’t know what they would do if this happened.  I believe this is because there is no well-known and accepted medical specialty that can get results with these patients routinely.  There is literally, “no place to go.”

The Solution:Evectics Logo

Our clinic specializes in helping patients with chronic health conditions to:

  1. Recover their health.
  2. Learn how to maintain their own health for the rest of their lives.

This isn’t a theory or a goal, it’s something we have done daily for the past 27 years.

Dr. Billiot’s book “EVECTICSSM How a word you’ve never heard of can change your understanding of health care, eliminate the worry and upset caused by your health  problems and give you the power to control your own health.” you can download here  explains the methods we use and how we developed them.

Send your resume WITH COVER LETTER to: signups@alternativehealthatlanta.com

*Cover Letter: Please tell us why you are interested in holistic health, helping people with their health and why you would be a fabulous addition to our team.