Breast Health Improvement

Breast Health Improvement

Breast Health and Non-Invasive Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast Health and Non-Invasive Breast Cancer Prevention
Thermography Facts

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What is the difference between thermography and getting a mammogram? How is my breast health?

Can I do thermography instead of mammography?

First ask yourself why you are having a mammogram. lf you are having a mammogram to prevent cancer, then that is the wrong test. A mammogram never prevented even one person from getting cancer. It can only detect a dense object in the breast.

Thermography on the other hand detects the physiological, chemical, and temperature changes that occur before a pathology develops, 5 to 8 years before detection on a mammogram.

So, thermography is appropriate for preventative screening.
A mammogram is appropriate for detecting and diagnosing cancer, both early and later stage pathology. Thermography and mammography gather different information and a woman may need both of these to ensure that her breasts are and remain healthy.
A thermography study does not replace a mammogram but is very complementary. Many women choose thermography to give them additional and early information about breast changes.

What’s it like to get a thermography? Thermography Camera

The entire process takes between 45 minutes to an hour. The test is done in a private room, no one other than the thermographer needs to be present. You’ll sit for a few minutes to allow your skin to cool to the air temperature (air must be between 70 and 72 degrees in the room). Then the thermographer will use a special camera to take pictures of the temperature of your breasts.

Next, you put your hands into ice water to stress your nervous system. A new set of thermography pictures are taken to compare the non-stressed to stressed state.

Schedule A Thermography Appointment

We utilize a highly-experienced full-time thermographer to get the very best possible results from your thermography. She spends an entire day at Alternative Health Atlanta quarterly to provide thermography for our patients. It’s important that you schedule well in advance to make sure you get an appointment.

Can thermography tell me if I have cancer?

The primary purpose of thermo­graphy is to determine if there are signs of abnormal activity occurring in the breast, not to detect cancer. How­ever, at times thermography will detect and confirm a developing pathology.

Can thermography detect inflammatory breast cancer (lBC)?
Thermography can detect inflammation. lt is the only known test to detect inflammatory breast cancer.

ls thermography new and why haven’t I heard of it?

Infrared imaging was used by the military in WWII. Even though there was an attempt to find a medical testing in the 50’s, it has been poorly understood. Also, the technology was underdeveloped. Today, technology has evolved and knowledge of the functioning of the human body has made thermography an extremely valuable tool.

Thermography offers the opportunity for prevention, which is not yet commonly recognized by traditional medicine. As prevention becomes more widely accepted, thermography will become more widely used. Fortunately, it is available for you to use now.

How often should I have a thermography?

The interpreting thermologist will make recommendations for follow-up, but in most cases, once a year is recommended.

ls thermography safe for implants?

Implants cannot be damaged because there is no physical contact with them. Implants also will not affect the results.

Who does the interpretation?

All interpretations are done by trained thermologists with medical degrees.

Will my doctor accept thermography in place of a mammogram and why don’t doctors recommend it?

Mammography has been recognized as the “standard of care” for more than twenty years and is still the test of choice for traditional physicians. Some physicians will honor your right to choose, but most will not accept thermography as a replacement for mammography. Detection of cancer for the purpose of treatment is the reason for mammography.

I just had a mammogram, can’t I wait to have a thermography until next year when I’m due for another mammogram?

Thermography is an early detection tool that recognizes the physiological changes occurring in your body that is produced by a developing pathology. This allows you to take the necessary steps to prevent developing breast cancer in the first place.

I’m between 25 and 40 years old. How can thermography help me?

Statistics show that younger women are beginning to develop breast cancer. There has been 2% increase over the past 30 years of women between 25 and 39 years of age developing breast cancer. What is most concerning is that the increase rate is larger than expected and there is now evidence of it decelerating. Also breast cancer tends to grow faster in women under age 50.

Thermography can detect and confirm a developing pathology. Early detection allows you to make the necessary changes so that when you are over 40, you can have control of your risk of ever getting breast cancer.

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