INTRODUCTION: The EvecticsSM Health Improvement Program

EvecticsSMis how you could recover your health and enjoyment of life, and never go back to your previous condition—ever again.

Why You Don’t Need a Treatment, You Need a Program

Treatment vs Program

Cut fingers, broken bones, and fevers need treatment.

If you have a chronic health problem that has troubled you for months or years and has no simple medical solution, you likely need something much more comprehensive than just a treatment; you need a Program.

Thousands of times, I’ve had patients complain to me that, “I told my doctor all about my problems and how long I’ve suffered with them and all the things I’ve tried that didn’t work. And he just pulled out a pad, wrote out a prescription, and handed it to me.”

That’s a treatment when what was needed was a program.

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Possible Results from an EvecticsSM Health Improvement Program:

1: Symptoms gone or reduced to the point that your life is no longer affected.

2: Education and help with improving your lifestyle and diet to stabilize your new good health and prevent future problems.

3: Additional health improvement actions to allow your body to heal and stabilize to the point where you are no longer concerned about your health.

4: Individualized instruction on how to spot upcoming problems with weak areas of your body and take preemptive actions to return yourself to good health and prevent any symptom flare-up.

End Result: You no longer consider that you have a health problem.

EvecticsSM is a PROGRAM designed to achieve these four goals. It is standardized in its outline based on how bodies are designed to heal themselves.

Because Evectics is a standardized program, results are safeguarded. You are not depending on your doctor “having a good day” and just happening to do the right things with you.

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Guide to a Plan
Guide to a Plan

You Don’t Need a Treatment; You Need a Guide and a Program

What you need is an entire program to work with your body, diet, and lifestyle to restore your life and health. You’ll also need a guide to work with you through the program and make sure you get a full result.

This doesn’t have to be hard. It could be done in less time than you may be imagining.

I’ve been helping cases like yours for 28 years and have developed a comprehensive program that is individualized and unique to you.

Why EvecticsSM? A Detailed Explanation of this Treatment Technique:

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EvecticsSM is the solution to achieving routine, predictable results with complex cases in a standard, repeatable way. I have spent almost 30 years developing this program and used it to improve the health of 10,000 patients.

I understand my patients who are frustrated and fearful because of their health. I have been where you are. I have had to find answers to severe health problems for myself and my family. This is why I developed EvecticsSM; to prevent you from feeling the hopelessness and anxiety that I remember very well.


The EvecticsSM Chart to Health & Wellness

Below is the EvecticsSM Chart to Health & Wellness.

The Chart lays out the exact sequence of actions to allow you to recover your health. These actions follow your body’s natural healing processes. The specific actions and treatments required for you at each step of the Chart are unique and based on testing and labs.

Using the Chart, your doctor always knows where your body is in the healing process, what needs to be completed and what comes next. It eliminates confusion and wasted actions.

With the Chart, you will always know your progress, what you have completed and what actions you still need to complete to achieve good, stable health.

The Major Components of EvecticsSM

Clinical Nutrition:

Clinical Nutrition consists of exact, specialized supplements that help your body rebuild the cellular structures of the areas preventing healing from occurring.

These supplements are chosen and dosed based on testing, not guesswork or “cookbooks.”

The supplements we use are not “over-the-counter” vitamins, made from chemical fractions of vitamin structures reproduced in a laboratory. For supplements to be recognized by your body and used to heal cells, they must be made from components found in foods. Your body may be pushed and stimulated by various chemical compounds, but it can only repair cells using natural, high-quality food components.

The supplements we use are the best available, and we have been using many of the same products for almost 30 years. See SUPPLEMENT SAFETY

Acupressure Treatments:

Acupressure is acupuncture technology but uses lasers and pressure to stimulate the acupuncture locations instead of needles.

Evectics uses specialized acupressure techniques to reduce physical stress on exact body areas to allow healing from supplements to occur.

Think about why you put a bandaid on a cut—it’s to reduce physical stress (from dirt and contact) so that your body can heal the finger. Without stress reduction, healing can’t occur.

We use two different acupressure techniques to handle different types of stress:

SDT “Systems Desensitization Technique” to reduce stress from sensitivities and allergies. One of the most common uses of this technique is to reduce stress on the gut (small intestine) to improve the immune system’s ability to heal the body. This is often done at the beginning of an EvecticsSM Program to allow the body to recover immune function up to the point of being able to heal organ systems.

SBT “Systems Balancing Technique” to reduce stress and help to balance hormone systems. Most stress from chronic illness comes from problems with hormone function. The body uses these chemical messengers to control almost everything it does.

EvecticsSM has many SBT Protocols to reduce stress in specific body systems (Adrenal, Menstrual / Menopause, Digestive, Immune, Thyroid, Blood Sugar, Fluid Balance, etc.).

We start by testing every possible stress in the areas covered by the Protocol. Then SBT Treatments are done on each location that was found. This way, everything is tested, but only the areas needing help are treated.

Diet and Lifestyle

Many of our patients have eaten their way into their current health problems. Unless we help resolve stressful habits around food and lifestyle, healing can be slow and unstable.

EvecticsSM contains specific food solutions that are minimally stressful and very effective. It’s unnecessary to have an “extreme” diet such as vegan, paleo, keto, etc. We work with your existing food preferences and only “tweak” the areas required to get good, rapid, and stable results on your health improvement program.

Functional Lab Testing

A key element to EvecticsSM is “know before  you go.” Using just guesswork, it’s impossible to get routine, stable results with chronic health conditions.

We do not ever try a treatment to see if it works or not.

Functional labs can test many things: blood, urine, stool, saliva, hair, etc. These labs give a window into the actual function of the system or organ being tested to understand the malfunctions and stresses that are occurring.


EvecticsSM Programs: Putting It All Together

Putting Evectics All Together

In an EvecticsSM Program, multiple component actions are done simultaneously. You take the supplements that your body has been tested for, while using acupressure to reduce the stress you tested for, while adjusting your diet and lifestyle.

These component actions are based on functional lab testing, reflex testing, and Heart Rate Variability testing.

As your body progresses past its first major barrier to healing, we re-test and help it handle the next barrier. This continues up the line until your body can heal itself normally, and you are educated on how to keep it that way.


You could have better performance, less worry and look and feel healthy and vibrant.

Compare this outcome to having your health worsen, achieving less than your potential, and having your entire future colored by ongoing health problems.



EvecticsSM is a program that helps you regain your health and improve your life, providing you with the tools to never return to your previous condition.