EvecticsSM Holistic Whole Health Solution

An Entirely New Approach to Healthcare
A systematic approach to solving difficult health problems using multiple natural therapies in exact sequences and combinations.

EvecticsSM is a Systematic Approach to Resolving Difficult Health Problems

“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions” –Adm Grace Hopper

There is a true cause for every health problem. The main thing we do is to consult with you and test your body in order to find the true cause of your health problem.
If you don’t find the true cause to the problem, it will never go away. Our job is to find out what everyone else has missed. Once we have done this, we will put you on an individualized EvecticsSM program specific to you. If you follow this program, you can finally get well.

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EvecticsSM is a unique concept in health care. To make it easy to understand, I have written this very short booklet outlining:

  • Why you might need EvecticsSM
  • How EvecticsSM works
  • What you’d have to do if you decided to do an EvecticsSM treatment program
  • Guidelines on how to proceed, depending on your specific situation


EvecticsSM Therapy Programs
Why Does It Have That Name?
In the 1800s, the word “evectics” (e VEK tics) meant, “The branch of medical science which teaches the method of acquiring a good habit of body.”* In other words, evectics meant “the method of obtaining health.” The word went out of use in the early 1900s, as medicine became more about relief of symptoms and less about health. We have resurrected it as a name for our system of individualized health improvement solutions.
EvecticsSM is not a treatment technique; instead it’s a system that integrates many techniques.
*(“Good habit of body” means that the body is well-constructed and attractive. A definition of “habit” is “bodily appearance or makeup.”)
An EvecticsSM Program

Your EvecticsSM patient program is an exact series of steps coordinating multiple therapies which is programmed just for you by your practitioner. Your program is based on tests, labs, history and current symptoms, examination and evaluation of your case. Your program is updated and adjusted as often as needed to keep you making the best possible progress.

We use this approach because most of our patients are “medical failure” cases. Often these patients have tried everything both medically and alternatively and have failed to get well. It does take extra care to get these patients to respond well and recover their health.

We don’t treat patients on a “try it and see if it works” basis. As a result of our many years of experience we have developed programs with exact, expected outcomes from each step of the program (see charts below).

The EvecticsSM Chart to Health & Wellness
The Chart answers the question, “How do I go about recovering my health?”

This Chart is a road map, showing the route to getting well and staying that way. This Chart qualifies as a new development in health care, reflecting the EvecticsSM philosophy of organized and planned therapy instead of “try this and see if it works.”

A patient starts at the bottom of the chart and works their way to WELLNESS at the top. Below you’ll find an explanation of the chart, followed by the charts themselves. You can click on the chart to make it easier to read.

As an EvecticsSM patient, you always know where you are on your program and what you will be doing next!
Hormone Chart: For patients programmed for help with hormone problems. Specific protocols are available for Digestion, Female, Male, Adrenal Energy, Thyroid Energy, Kidney/Fluid Balance, Blood Sugar, Immune and Heart.
Allergy and Sensitivity Chart: For patients programmed for help with problems related to or made worse by allergies and sensitivities
EvecticsSM Therapy Techniques
An EvecticsSM treatment program will include several different treatment techniques integrated in a custom design just for each patient to assist the body to heal in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Important Note: EvecticsSM protocols do not endorse all the techniques or opinions espoused by the various researchers who have developed these therapy techniques. It is possible (and common) for a researcher to develop several techniques, some useful and some (for EvecticsSM purposes) that are not. Similarly, we do not necessarily recommend every product from the supplement suppliers we use.

EvecticsSM Core Program Components
Clinical nutrition is using exact food supplements to give the body the materials and tools it needs to rebuild cells and heal. We use close to 1,000 different supplements from dozens of suppliers in the US, Europe and Australia. Listed below are some of our most commonly-recommended product suppliers:
  • Many whole-food nutritional products we use are from natural food sources grown on a 1000-acre organic farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin by Standard Process (established in 1929) the largest supplier of whole-food based supplements in the world. See http://standardprocess.com.
  • One of our primary suppliers of functional supplements (these are designed to assist body function, such as homeopathics) is Energetix, headquartered in Dahlonega, Georgia and in the UK. See http://goenergetix.com.
  • Supplements we use as “tools” to assist the body to deal with challenges from environmental and toxic problems are made by Systemic Formulas. This company uses herbs and other plants from the entire globe to create specialized products. See http://systemicformulas.com.
  • Supplements designated as “drainage” assist the body to handle toxins using normal detoxification channels and without creating detoxification stress. A leading manufacturer of drainage formulas is Marco Pharma of Germany. See http://marcopharma.net.
  • Another supplier of “drainage” formulas is HVS Laboratories, a US company that makes water-based drainage supplements for many very specific types of toxicity. See http://hvslabs.com.
  • Herbs can work with the body as “smart” supplements, helping to raise energy levels in exact places and ways that can allow healing to take place. One of the highest-quality suppliers of herbal remedies on the planet is MediHerb of Australia. See http://mediherb.com.
Autonomic Response Evaluation (ARE) Testing for Clinical Nutrition

Autonomic Response Evaluation (ARE) is an evaluation (testing) technique optimized for clinical nutrition.
A short history of ARE:

The ability to directly access information from the body’s nervous system is the basis for modern clinical nutrition. Without this testing technique, there would be no way to know what the body needs to heal itself.

It all started with the research of Dr. George Goodheart in 1964. Dr. Goodheart (a chiropractor), developed a technique called AK (Applied Kinesiology) using a previously-unknown method of nervous system testing based on muscle response to a systemic stress.
Shortly thereafter, other practitioners developed a system of reflex points based on Chinese acupuncture that worked in conjunction with Dr. Goodheart’s muscle testing technique. When combined with the research of Dr. Royal Lee (founder of whole-food supplement manufacturer Standard Process http://standardprocess.com), nutritional protocols were developed that worked with the reflex point testing. Clinical nutrition was born!

Dr. Melodie Billiot, after studying the previous works on this type of testing, developed an advanced evaluation technique called Autonomic Reflex Evaluation (ARE). Dr. Billiot currently teaches this technique to chiropractors, medical doctors, acupuncturists and naturopaths as well as using it in EvecticsSM therapies in her own clinic.

Dietary & Lifestyle Recommendations
Dietary recommendations advice is specific to the patient, one diet doesn’t fit all. Our recommendations are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle and are based on education rather than lists of do’s and don’ts. We work with patients on a step-by-step basis as little or as much as necessary to bring about a healthy enough diet to allow our treatment programs to work.

Your diet program starts with a Diet Orientation Seminar, where you will learn the physiology of how your diet affects your immune system. This isn’t a “how to eat healthy” course, it’s very specific… how can you “tweak” your diet to dramatically improve your ability to heal. Once you start adjusting your diet, we will work with you regularly to coach you during diet consults with your practitioner.
Do you have sugar cravings that run your life? We have effective solutions, including specific therapies, that can reduce or eliminate cravings.

Functional Lab Testing
Lab testing is critical to our programs and is used to obtain specific information in areas where other evaluation techniques would be less accurate. Labs supply context to ARE testing and quantify healing. Symptoms are a very poor indication of improved health, but normalized labs show a patient is stable and recovered, and can decrease the support needed to keep their body healthy.

A unique beneifit to EvecticsSM programs is the ability to use ARE testing to determine areas of most stress in the body PRIOR to ordering labs. Labs are ordered only when we already know that the area being tested is stressed, not to find out whether or not the stress exists. This allows a minimum of expensive labs to be ordered.

  • Saliva labs are used for hormone testing to measure unbound hormone levels. This is important when working with the body nutritionally instead of with drugs. Most commonly, we test for adrenal and sex hormones using this method.
  • Tissue Mineral Analysis from a hair sample is used to broadly see stress levels on most organs of the body. This is accomplished by testing for trace mineral ratios. This lab also shows mineral deficiencies and heavy metal levels.
  • Blood labs are used for many areas, such as blood sugar, thyroid hormones, lipids, vitamins, etc.
  • Stool labs are used for very specific GI problems where bacteria, fungus or parasite stress is suspected. We also use stool labs for quantifying heavy metal toxicity.
EvecticsSM Acupressure Program Components

Systems Desensitization Technique (SDT)
Systems Desensitization Technique (SDT) is a method of assisting the body to desensitize itself of allergies and other issues that block nervous system communication channels. The technique is based on acupressure using a “cold” laser to stimulate acupuncture points on the body during the therapy. The therapy is completely non-invasive, involves no discomfort and minimal reactions. Our theory of allergies and sensitivities is that some bodies misidentify substances that are harmless as toxic, or tiny amounts of toxic substances as overwhelming.

SDT assists the body to reevaluate these substances and stop the mis-identification. The most common symptoms of patients we have tested as having allergies are inflammation of all kinds, joint pain, brain fog (concentration, memory and mental lethargy), fatigue, digestive problems, hormone problems and immune issues. Allergies are commonly found with children who have behavior and learning problems and in such diverse issues as bed wetting. With some help in eliminating allergies, patients have often recovered from even seemingly unrelated problems such as menstrual, thyroid, weight and even blood pressure.
EvecticsSM Acupressure Program Components

Systems Balancing Technique (SBT)

Systems Balancing Technique (SBT) is a method of helping the body to recover from the effects of very specific toxins that can block or alter communication in the hormone and nervous systems. This is an acupressure technique (we use mechanical pressure and “cold” laser to stimulate acupuncture points). SBT has protocols to help the body repair itself from specific toxic issues:

  • Digestion
  • Female
  • Male
  • Adrenal Energy
  • Thyroid Energy
  • Kidney/Fluid Balance
  • Blood Sugar
  • Immune
  • Heart
Patients are treated using SBT when evaluation tests that the body has become imbalanced by toxins such as metals, viruses, bacteria, fungi, endocrine disruptors, solvents, medication and dental material residues, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, toxic chemicals, etc. By bringing the body’s attention to the interaction of an exact location with an exact toxin, we assist it to compensate and re-balance the area.
EvecticsSM Autonomic Nervous System Program Components

Heart Rate Variability Testing

Heart Rate Variability testing is computer evaluation of the autonomic nervous system to determine how well your body is functioning and its capacity to heal. We also use this test to screen for neurological abnormalities that can prolong or prevent the body from healing itself. Because this test is non-invasive, takes only 10 minutes and is very inexpensive to run, we use it extensively as an objective measure of patient progress. See http://www.nervexpress.com.

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