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Is your case a possible match for a treatment program at the clinic?

75 questions cover all major areas as they relate to your health problems.

Do you have a health problem that is worrying you or impacting your life?

This analysis is designed to give you accurate, actionable information. It isn’t a quick, website-generated quiz.

By giving our doctors this amount of information, they can accurately determine if a natural approach would be effective and safe for your case. Usually, people with chronic health conditions are getting their symptoms treated. We address the root cause so you don’t just feel better, you are better. The first step of restoring your health is to determine the correct approach and techniques that would be effective.

This Analysis is designed to do this.

Symptom Analysis

This analysis will take you about 10 minutes to complete. When you submit your answers, we will contact you for any needed additional information about your case.

Then, we will let you know if Alternative Health Atlanta could be a good fit for your case. Either we can help you, or point you in the right direction to get help.

This is absolutely free and you are under no obligation.

  • Select how severe each symptom is, or leave blank if you don't experience the symptom:

    • Severe (significant negative effect on your life)
    • Moderate (frequent or bothersome)
    • Mild (rare or not bothersome)
  • Liver/Digestion Category

    Detoxification, fat metabolism and immune functions.

    If you mark more than 5 of the symptoms in this category as Moderate or Severe, it can indicate basic problems in your body's ability to heal. This can affect many health problems.
    Liver/Digestion Category
  • Adrenal Category

    Stress handling, Blood sugar, Immune, Sex hormones and Fluid balance.

    Adrenals Category
  • Heart/Cardiovascular Category

    Circulation, energy levels.

    Heart/Cardiovascular Category
  • Thyroid Category

    Metabolic regulation, Heart rhythm, Brain function .

    Thyroid Category
  • Female Sex Hormones Category

    Sex hormones affect overall health: emotions, weight, skin/hair/nails as well as menstrual cycle, fertility and menopause.

    Female Sex Hormones Category
  • Male Sex Hormones Category

    Sex hormones affect muscle tone and energy and emotions as well as sex functions.

    Male Sex Hormones Category
  • Blood Sugar Category

    Blood sugar affects fatigue, sleep, cravings and irritability.

    Blood Sugar Category
  • Just three more sections to go!

    Allergies Category

    Allergies affect digestive health, immune health and inflammation levels as well as concentration and memory.

    Allergies Category
  • Immune System Category

    Your Immune system affects your body's ability to heal, not just resistance to infections.

    Immune System Category
  • Readiness Assessment

    What are you willing to do to reach your Health Goals?

    Our programs are specific for each patient, and the results obtained are very much reliant on your compliance with the doctor’s recommendations.

    We have found over the last almost 30 years that patients who get the best, fastest results are willing to do the items listed below.

    Please read the list carefully and indicate your willingness to do each item.

    Your answers are a good indication of whether your case is a good fit for our programs.

    Rate on a scale of: 5 (most willing) to 1 (not willing)

    Diet changes are necessary to regain health. These may seem tough to do at first but they are vital for your success.

    Our individual diet programs are tailored specifically to your needs. We meet you where you are and help you achieve success.

    The willingness to make the changes your body needs to get well is a necessary and essential part of your healing process here. You may need to eliminate certain foods, increase fresh foods and learn new food habits. We will help you every step of the way.

    We use all natural solutions to help your body to resolve its health problems. These may be whole food supplements, herbal or other natural remedies your doctor recommends in your individual case. We do not use drugs or chemicals.

    All of our programs are safe and effective for children and adults.

    You must be willing to follow a daily supplement program to give your body the basic building blocks to heal.

    Your program relies on your participation. You must be willing to come to office visits in the beginning of your program one to two times per week.

    Visit frequency lessens as you progress. We do have telemedicine options to make this more convenient. Coming to scheduled visits is vital for your success.

  • Almost Done!

    Below, please give the doctor some specific information about your most important health problem. The doctor analyzes your main problem compared to all the survey answers to determine likely causes.
  • How to get your test results:

    If you provide us with your phone number, a doctor will review your survey and determine if you could be a good match for the natural healing techniques used at our clinic.

    There is no charge or obligation.

    You may receive a call from a doctor's assistant for more information. Then, we'll let you know if we could possibly help you. If not, we will point you in the right direction.


  • How Should We Contact You?

    We may need to contact you to get questions answered for the doctor. We will need to talk to you also to give you the results of your survey.

    What is your preference? NOTE: YOU MAY ALSO CALL US TO SET YOUR OWN TIME.

  • Without your phone number, we can't get in contact with you for additional questions or to give you your results.
  • We do not sell or misuse Email addresses or personal information... not ever
  • YOUR PRIVACY: All submitted information is considered medical records and is protected under law from unauthorized disclosure. We are prohibited by law from releasing your name, address or phone to any other organization or person.
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