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  • Liver/Digestion Category

    Detoxification, fat metabolism and immune functions.

    If you mark more than 5 of the symptoms in this category as Moderate or Severe, it can indicate basic problems in your body's ability to heal. This can affect many health problems.
  • Adrenal Category

    Stress handling, Blood sugar, Immune, Sex hormones and Fluid balance.

  • Heart/Cardiovascular Category

    Circulation, energy levels.

  • Thyroid Category

    Metabolic regulation, Heart rhythm, Brain function .

  • Female Sex Hormones Category

    Sex hormones affect overall health: emotions, weight, skin/hair/nails as well as menstrual cycle, fertility and menopause.

  • Male Sex Hormones Category

    Sex hormones affect muscle tone and energy and emotions as well as sex functions.

  • Blood Sugar Category

    Blood sugar affects fatigue, sleep, cravings and irritability.

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    Allergies Category

    Allergies affect digestive health, immune health and inflammation levels as well as concentration and memory.

  • Immune System Category

    Your Immune system affects your body's ability to heal, not just resistance to infections.

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