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Natural Hormone Solutions Workshop Series

Does Your Body Seem Out of Control—Your World Flipped Upside-Down? You may be suffering from hormone imbalances

Did you know that there are about 50 hormones in your body and that these hormones control almost everything?  Hormones affect the way you look, the way you act, your emotions, and your overall health. Many factors can damage your body’s hormonal control, such as aging, toxic buildup, microbial imbalance, and emotional or physical stress.

If your hormones are out of balance, you don’t feel well, and your world becomes out of whack. There are many symptoms related to hormone imbalances. Some of these you are probably familiar with like hot flashes, night sweats, extreme irritability, moodiness, digestive issues, joint pain, sleep problems, libido problems, and PMS. There are others that you might find surprising, such as:

Incontinence, migraines, depression, fatigue, wrinkly skin, weight, cold hands or feet, acne, thyroid dysfunction, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, concentration, short term memory issues, no energy, poor muscle tone, poor balance and coordination, excess facial hair or hair loss, inability to handle stress (and quite a few more).

My Doctor Says My Blood Tests are Normal

Unfortunately, standard blood labs don’t adequately test for or reflect many hormonal imbalances and problems. If your doctor says that you are entirely healthy (despite your complaints) or that your problem “is in your head” or is “due to your nerves,” then it could be your hormones causing your problems.

Hormones are dynamic and continually changing, especially in women. To understand hormone problems, you would have to know how and when these changes are occurring and how they are changing relative to other hormones. A snapshot of blood hormone levels may appear to be “normal,” despite severe hormone imbalances.

Two Steps to a Happy Woman

STEP ONE: Testing

I have had to overcome the common problem of inaccurate hormone testing. To do this, I have researched and gained experience with a large number of different lab testing techniques. In addition to traditional blood labs, I use saliva, urine, and dried urine (“DUTCH”) labs. These labs are usually done at specific points in the menstrual cycle or are done as “cycle mapping” every few days throughout the cycle.

I also use extensive case history and reflex testing of the autonomic nervous system to determine high-level stresses and priorities. For example, is the body more stressed by the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, or ovaries? Starting with a hormone case knowing these basic facts allows me to “cut to the chase” and lab test only those areas that are causing the problems.

STEP TWO: Health Improvement

I don’t “treat” hormone problems. Treatment would involve using hormones, drugs, or surgeries to change the function or structure of the body in an attempt to improve a woman’s health.

My approach is to recognize that the body is already doing everything it can to heal itself. Also, only the body knows the entire scope of the problem and what needs to be done about it. No doctor could ever discover all of this information.

Therefore, I test and discover from the body what assistance it needs to overcome the “blocks and stops” that it’s running into, and help it to continue with the healing process. This technique can include exact supplementation, bio-identical hormones, diet and lifestyle changes, and some gentle yet powerful acupressure hormone techniques to relieve specific stresses.

I help your body address the causes of why it isn’t healing instead of treating the symptoms that result from its problems. You may achieve a stable state of health that you can maintain instead of continually chasing an elusive “balance” for your hormones.

It is my greatest honor to have worked with thousands of patients and assisted their bodies with hormone imbalances. I have helped many women who have not responded well to medical or other alternative treatments with great success. I have numerous tools and protocols to handle difficult cases that have resisted all previous efforts. My approach is unique in many ways among medical and alternative health practices in helping women recover their health and quality of life.