Hormone Imbalancing can make your world seem flipped upside-down. Get help!

Does your body seem out of control… your world flipped upside-down?

You may be suffering from hormone imbalances.

Did you know that there are over 620 hormones in your body… and that these hormones control almost everything?  Hormones affect the way you look, the way you act, feel, emotions and overall health. Many factors can damage your body’s hormonal control such as aging, toxic buildup, microbial imbalance and emotional or physical stress.

If your hormones are out of balance you don’t feel well–your world becomes out of whack! There are many symptoms related to hormone imbalances–some that you are probably familiar with like hot flashes, night sweats, extreme irritability, moodiness, digestive issues, joint pain, sleep problems, libido problems and PMS–and others that are surprising, such as:

incontinence, migraines, depression, wrinkly skin, weight, cold hands or feet, acne, thyroid dysfunction, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, irritability, concentration, PMS, short term memory issues, no energy, poor muscle tone,  poor balance and coordination,  excess facial hair or hair loss, inability to handle stress…

I’ve Had Blood Tests Done And My Doctor Says I’m OK

Unfortunately, medical blood labs don’t adequately test for or reflect many hormonal imbalances and problems. You may have been told that you are completely healthy (despite your complaints) or that the problem “is in your head” or is “due to your nerves,” when actually it’s in your hormones.

We use Diagnos-tech Laboratory’s salivary-based tests that are accurate within 92-96%, much more accurate than blood testing. Following is an excerpt from their website explaining the difference between saliva-based and blood testing:

“In order to accurately study how hormones clinically affect a patient, it is necessary to look at hormone levels dynamically. In other words, hormone fluctuations are just as important as their level at any given one point in time. The practice of including a time component to the evaluation of a patient is called chronobiology. There are many well-known chronobiological processes: sleep/wake cycles, seasonal mood changes, a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle, etc. It turns out that the adrenal glands are controlled by a daily cycle… as is the thyroid gland.

The hormones that influence many of the cycles in our lives can be viewed as markers to check if our body is in a healthy state from a standpoint of chronobiology. For example, multiple sample outpatient saliva testing allows a clinician to monitor the hormone regulation of a woman over her ENTIRE monthly cycle! This information can have profound diagnostic significance and can lead to therapeutic strategies over looked by one sample testing of her hormones.

In summary, enzyme linked laboratory analysis of the saliva has become scientifically accepted, clinically applicable, an excellent alternative to serum testing, the only way to reasonably study a patient’s chronobiology, and economically feasible.”

We May Be Able to Help You With Hormone Problems

There are two steps to deciding how to help a woman with hormonal symptoms:

  1. Test and evaluate the test results to determine the actual CAUSE of why the woman’s body is not able to maintain correct hormone balances. (The cause can be very diverse… from toxic stress to allergies to drug reactions to damage from years on birth control pills or even neurological malfunctions).
  2. Design a course of treatment to assist the woman’s body to get back on track and restore its ability to heal and maintain itself.

Specialized testing is necessary to determine hormone levels and whether each one is in appropriate balance with the other. Once the levels are determined it is important to have a knowledgeable practitioner who understands the delicacy of hormone balancing to interpret the lab results and design the appropriate course of treatment. This is what we offer at Alternative Health Atlanta.

We specialize in hormonal imbalances and have helped many patients that have not responded well to medical or alternative treatments–many women with the symptoms listed above–with great success. We have numerous tools and protocols to handle difficult cases that have resisted all previous efforts. Our approach is unique in many ways among medical and alternative health practices in helping patients recover their health and quality of life.


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