Allergies Don’t Have to be a “Forever” Problem

If you have allergies, you are usually doing your best to live with them. You are trying to avoid the foods and environmental substances that trigger your reactions (in many cases, you might not know what they all are). Even after avoiding the allergens, many people often have reactions anyway.

Many allergies are challenging or impossible to avoid (like Georgia pollen in the Spring!).

Allergies Often cause other Health Problems Allergy Nose

Many common health conditions are either caused by or prolonged because of allergies.

If you have hormone problems, migraines, skin conditions, depression, anxiety, brain fog, ADHD, thyroid problems, digestive problems (and many more conditions), they might be caused by allergies. What is common for allergy-caused health problems is that they don’t go away or keep coming back. Your body can’t heal because of continued stress from allergy exposure.

You might think, “But that’s not what is causing my health problems because I don’t have allergies.”

It is very common to have allergies and sensitivities, but not know this. Food sensitivities can be delayed up to three days, so you’d never connect the reaction to a food. You can react to invisible environmental substances that you would never suspect, like dust mites and roach droppings.

The health problems you suffer from could be caused by stress to your body and immune system from allergic reactions.

Here’s a list of allergy information and facts that you’d want to know: IgG Sensitivity Lab Test
  • People can develop new allergies to foods and environmental items (pollen, dust, animal fur) at any time in their lives.
  • An allergy is an over-response of the immune system to a substance. Your body decides that a harmless substance is a threat and mounts a defensive response to it.
  • Many food sensitivities are delayed reactions (called IgG sensitivities) and can cause reactions up to three days after you eat the offending food. These reactions are often not recognized as allergic reactions and can be almost anything (headaches, itchy skin, constipation, gas and bloating, blurred vision, etc.).
  • Often, people with environmental allergies have no clue that they could also have food allergies or sensitivities.
  • Most IgG (delayed) food sensitivities can be identified with a blood lab and eliminated simply by avoiding the food for three months or so, then adding it back into your diet on a rotating basis. Many health problems can be improved this way even though you never suspected that you had sensitivities.
  • Often, we can permanently eliminate sensitivity reactions with acupressure treatments (acupressure in our clinic is acupuncture technology using lasers instead of needles). Sensitivity symptoms can be reduced or even eliminated with specific acupressure therapies.

Help for Allergies?

Correctly identifying patients who are allergy cases and discovering what they are allergic to is the first step. Remember: You may have no idea that your problems are from allergies.

Next is developing a treatment program to eliminate or reduce sensitivities and help the body to recover from the damage caused by that stress.

Note that this is very different from the usual medical solution of taking drugs to suppress allergy symptoms. If allergies cause your health problems, suppressing the allergic symptoms will not help you heal. Your body would have to stop reacting to the allergens to recover.

Many sensitivities can be permanently eliminated using acupressure treatments. (Acupressure is acupuncture technology using lasers to stimulate the acupuncture points.)

Here’s a video explaining this:

I have targeted programs to help many different kinds of sensitivity patients:

  • Sometimes, all that’s needed is a short course of acupressure treatments and some supporting supplements.
  • Other patients with long-term chronic health problems need more detailed analysis, labs, and help over a more extended period to fully recover their health.

If you’d like to find out quickly if I could help you and what you would  have to do:

Would you please take five minutes to fill out a health assessment survey and send it to me? I’ll review your information, then have my assistant call you for any additional information. Then, I’ll let you know if your case might be a good fit for my clinic. This assessment is complimentary, with no strings attached. Either I can help you–or point you in the right direction to get help.

Don’t give up! You can recover your health if you persist.

Allergy Success!
I have had horrible cat allergies for most of my life. So bad that it has even sent me to the hospital. My throat starts to close up, I start to have shortness of breath, and my eyes start to water. Then after a while, I start to have a full-blown asthma attack.
This past weekend, I had Easter dinner with my husband’s side of the family, who are hoarders with loads of cats. Normally, I can’t spend more than an hour there without having a reaction and a migraine that lasts for days after.
This weekend, we spent about 3 ½ hours there, and I had little to no problems.
It was amazing.
–S.R. 4/6/21

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