Cause of Chronic Disease “The exact causes of high blood pressure are not known.” (Referring to Type 2 diabetes) “Exactly why this happens is uncertain…”

National Institutes of Health (NIH): “The exact cause of autoimmune disorders is unknown.”

If you or someone you love has any chronic (ongoing or recurring) health problem, you should understand that the causes of these problems are unknown, so there is no cure for them.

Doctors are very good at treating conditions and diseases with identifiable causes (trauma, infections, physical abnormalities, etc.). But when you present your doctor with a problem with no known cause, you’ll get long-term drugs to manage symptoms and no cure.

A workable definition of “chronic disease” would be, “A health problem that doctors can’t fix.”

Right now, 60% of the adult population of the US has one or more of these chronic diseases. There’s a good chance this group includes you.

Biochemical Machine
Biochemical Machine

A Different Model for Your Body

It’s common to think of your body as a biochemical machine. If it breaks, you take it to the mechanic (doctor) for repair.

It’s more accurate to view the body as an independent, living, intelligent entity. Think about it: if there weren’t an onboard intelligence running your body for you minute to minute, you’d be mired down in keeping your digestion going, monitoring your immune system, etc.

There are a few things I can deduce about this body intelligence:

  1. Its prime directive is to help keep you alive (after all, it has a lot at stake here as well!).
  2. To keep you alive, your body will try its best to keep you comfortable and un-distracted. When things go wrong, your body will attempt to hide any symptoms from you as long as possible.
  3. Your body “thinks” like a mechanic. Every day your body takes damage from toxins, stress, and minor or more extensive injuries. None of this bothers your body; its job is to maintain and repair itself without worrying you any more than necessary.
Chronic Health Problems
Chronic Health Problems

How Chronic Conditions Happen

If your body develops a problem that it can’t repair (certain toxins, allergies, infectious agents, etc.), it will do everything possible to cope with the situation in a way that hides it from you. If you feel bad, your chances of survival are less, so your body will try to avoid bothering you.

A problem your body can’t repair can be similar to a fender bender on the interstate; it may not even be a huge problem, but it can create a much bigger issue by jamming up everything else.

Your body will do everything it can to keep you comfortable despite this problem, compensating, doing workarounds, patching things temporarily, and generally coping in any way possible to prevent you from developing a symptom. But at some point, often years after the original problem developed, it will run out of options. Your body may finally lose control, and you will have a symptom. Now you can understand why this symptom never goes away; your body has no ability left to cope with a problem it can’t fix.

You can also understand why your doctor has no way to treat the problem; it’s caused by years worth of a hopeless snarl that would be impossible to figure out.

LINK-Sequence Health Care
LINK-Sequence Health Care

A Solution: Sequence-Based Health Care

I have developed a method of helping the body to overcome the barriers and reasons that it has become unable to heal.

This has resulted in a stable improvement of these problems for over 10,000 patients over the past 28 years.

Honestly, it’s a fascinating story. Just understanding how it’s possible to recover from chronic health problems and not have to deal with lifetime medications and declining health is enlightening and and encouraging.

Find out about this solution to your problems here.

Do You Have a Stubborn Health Problem?

I may be able to help you.

Would you please take five minutes to fill out a health assessment survey and send it to me? I’ll review your information, then have my assistant call you for any additional information. Then, I’ll let you know if your case might be a good fit for my clinic. This assessment is complimentary, with no strings attached. Either I can help you–or point you in the right direction to get help.

Don’t give up! You can recover your health if you persist.

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