The Alchemy of Thoughts

Happy New Year! Here we are. A new year and I am wishing a beautiful fresh start for all of us.

I was thinking about thoughts the other day. How powerful they are; how they mold us and change us. Think negative thoughts and there we are having a negative experience. Think about creating a new thing or a new reality and there we are doing that!

Thoughts are the alchemy that can save us or doom us. I don’t mean to ignore or leave aside things that are happening and pretend they are not happening. I mean, in the thick of it, what we have is how we respond to the things we think, the things we let get into our personal space.

On this new year, let us think on the things we want to have, the things we know we need to do for ourselves and others, the healthy, joyful things. Let us flow with what life brings and strive really strive to see the positive sides and the way we can change the flow of our lives to make it more the way we want it, more stable, more healthy more balanced.

If we are practical about this let’s consider diets. Some of you I know struggle with changing things you have done for a lifetime. You know it’s too hard, you’ve failed so many times before.

You’ve started another diet how many times? Maybe to lose weight and gain it back again plus a bit more. Said you’d exercise, but just don’t get up or hang out on the couch with a good book or a great show. Said it was time to get the sugar out but somehow there is a treat in your hand as you watch tv or read. I know this because I have been there myself. I have done all of these things and been frustrated and unhappy and even mad at myself and the situation and any number of things.

A Truce!

I would like to propose a truce!

A truce between yourself and all the self-destructive ideas and thoughts that have won so many times, stealing the joy out of life.

I would like for you to realize this is your journey, your day your year. Many of you have sought my help and have done smashingly, changing and growing and achieving goals. I am so proud of every single one of you who has been in front of me and had the courage to make different choices for your health and for your future.

We have all been through an actual real-life pandemic. For over 2 years! Wow! And good on us for being here and for making it through despite all the trials this has entailed. On top of the last two years, we still had life; kids, relationships, health problems, sickness and you name it. We all deserve a month-long sabbatical to the south of France! I hope you get to take one! If you don’t I would like to suggest something else.

I want to suggest that you take a minute and think some thoughts about how cool you are. How you work so hard and take care of others, yourself and your family, the world. The world is made up of so many yous! The yous that do not give up, that cry a good cry and keep on, the yous that love when all the signs say you should not. I see you. I hear you and I want to say to you that you are enough. I want you to think that thought today. Let’s not even think anything else today. Let’s think, I am enough, more than enough to do to be to have what I want, what I need.

The Destructive Thought Diet

Instead of a diet this year, let’s have a destructive thought diet. Let’s resolve to think those things that build us up not tear us down. Let’s eat the foods that nourish us and if we make a less positive choice, let’s make a new one tomorrow. Let’s move so our body is happy. Let’s resolve to minimize the stresses we can and get rid of the ones that are hurting us. Let us find our strength to believe in ourselves and find and kick out those people or things that don’t feed us or heal us.

Let’s resolve to love ourselves and do those things that we know are best for us, that will give us health, and peace and joy.

Detoxify your Mind and Body

I would like to invite you to do a detox of mind and body. I have a very special but simple program that entails basic changes that enable you to maximize your own wellness, to get a jump start on a sustainable lifestyle. Because that is what this is about, sustainability. It isn’t about a diet or even losing 15 or 20 pounds. It is about loving yourself enough to do those things that give you energy and joy and stability.

Some of the foundations of these are sleep 7-8 hours a night going to bed before midnight if possible, eating 3 meals a day and snacks if you need them. Hydrating every day with enough water to flush out toxins from your cells and keeping your thoughts positive and healthy as well. My physical detox includes eating fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding alcohol, sugar, gluten and dairy. Doing these things alone will make you feel pretty amazing.

I have a recipe for a special detox soup and a detox smoothie. The supplements in my detox encourage the Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detox and will give your cells antioxidants for healing. We will remove those food toxins that many of us possibly overdid over the holidays and then we will bathe those cells in good nutrition and get a boost from the special antioxidants included in the program. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals.

In very high levels free radicals damage cells and genetic material. Free radical damage can change the instructions coded in our DNA. It can cause a condition called oxidative stress that damages cells and can lead to chronic diseases. We are not defenseless though the current environment in which we live gives plenty of challenges. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, glutathione, Co Q10, flavonoids and many others serve as natural defenses against these free radicals.

Fresh, organic foods provide the best sources of antioxidants in the way our bodies can use them best. That is why we add these things into our diet in large quantities. Stress, lots of sugar, alcohol and other drugs, environmental pollutants and medications all add up to a toxic mix that makes our bodies work harder and can damage our fragile cell structure.

So we are going to change that!

What are you Grateful For?

I want you to start your day with gratitude. Think of 2 things every day that you are grateful for before you start your day. I also challenge you to make a decision to think those thoughts that feed you and do the things that bring more health and more life to you. Let’s change the endorphin rush of sugar or alcohol into the rush of feeling real energy coursing through our bodies, real food, real sleep and let us determine to love ourselves, with all our perceived failings realizing we are pretty dang perfect the way we are. Let’s detox body mind and spirit. 


She understood

that it all began

with her.

The responsibility

the possibility

and the love.

She found delight

and strength

in this

knowing that all she

really needed

came conveniently

from within.

Jeannette Encinias

Until next time, love yourselves. It is how you will begin the work to drink as you pour.

Dr. Billiot

Dr. Melodie Billiot

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