Nervous system switching from tattoosNervous System “Switching:” The Stealth Health Disorder

Nervous system switching isn’t taught in most medical schools, so your doctor has never heard of it. However, it’s quite common and can have a devastating but hidden effect on your health.

It’s usually caused by tattoos and scars. And you can probably fix it yourself (with a little help)!

What Symptoms Does Nervous System Switching Cause?

Switching causes the electrical orientation of your nervous system to “switch” back and forth from positive to negative. This can happen once every few minutes to once every few milliseconds.

Some common signs of nervous system switching:

  • Person suddenly gets worse or better from a health problem with no apparent reason and may switch back and forth between recovering and relapsing.
  • A treatment, remedy, supplement or drug that was working to help a person heal suddenly becomes ineffective.
  • Some drugs may have opposite effects (for example, coffee puts a person to sleep).
  • Drugs may work in extremely large or small doses only.
  • Extreme sensitivity to drugs.
  • Person has health conditions and they just can’t get well.

What Causes Nervous System Switching?

Your body runs itself using a special dedicated nervous system called the autonomic nervous system (“ANS”). This is a private network that you have no control over. It handles your heartrate, digestion, immune system, etc.

Most of the nerves in the ANS are right under your skin. In fact, there are so many nerves under your skin that if you took away the rest of your body and just left your ANS, you’d still be recognizable.

If you cut through your skin, you damage nerve cells which must then heal. If the cut doesn’t heal completely, it leaves a scar. Sometimes a damaged nerve cell inside a scar won’t heal and will partially block a nerve path. This blockage can store up electrical energy from the nervous system and then suddenly release it. This sudden charge into your ANS can flip the polarity (positive or negative electrical charge) of the entire nervous system for an instant.

Because nerve cells heal so slowly, this condition can go on for many years. The scars can be from surgeries, accidents, tattoos or other causes. If you have several scars, often only one or two will be causing the problems, so it’s important to test to find out which one(s) are involved.

There are other causes for nervous system switching that are much less common than scars. A person can also switch from overwhelming physical stress caused by infections, toxins and even dead teeth.

How to Test for Nervous System Switching

The most accurate way to test for switching is a lab test called Heart Rate Variability or “HRV” usually used for nervous system research. Your autonomic nervous system controls your heartrate beat to beat, depending on environmental factors both inside and outside of your body. By measuring the variability of your heart, beat to beat to beat, and comparing this measurement between standing and lying down, it’s possible to determine the condition of your ANS. The test takes less than 10 minutes and is extremely accurate.

Once an HRV test has shown that a person has nervous system switching, the cause must be determined. The most accurate way to do this is using another test of the autonomic nervous system called Autonomic Response Evaluation, or “ARE.” This test uses muscle reflexes to find very exact areas of stress in the body. With ARE, it’s possible to narrow down the cause of switching to a specific scar or tattoo or find another reason such as toxins.

Because it’s so quick and inexpensive to test for nervous system switching, it’s easy to work on the problem (see below) and then retest to see if the switching problem has resolved.

How to Help Your Body Stop Switching

Short Term: To temporarily stop switching (usually up to a few days) the scar can be lasered for about 5 to 10 minutes with a “cold” laser. This is a special laser using bio frequencies (600 and 700 nanometers). I use these lasers all the time in the clinic, and they can be purchased for a few hundred dollars.

Long Term: Repeatedly treating the scar with vitamin E (I use wheat germ oil) will eventually break down the scar tissue and assist the damaged nerve cells to heal. I usually tell patients to rub the oil on their scar twice a day for at least 3 months.

Both these techniques are effective on tattoos as well.

When other stresses are causing nervous system switching, more precise and specific treatment techniques need to be used.

Medical Treatment Focuses on Treating Symptoms

Because doctors have no training to test for underlying causes, there are untold numbers of people with ongoing health conditions caused by problems medical doctors don’t know to look for. Nervous system switching is a great example of this.

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