Nervous System “Switching:” Tattoos & Scars Can Damage Your Health

Do you have a chronic or ongoing health problem that hasn’t resolved with conventional medical treatment? 

A possible reason for your frustration is “Autonomic Dysregulation” or nervous system switching. Over the past two decades, I’ve seen thousands of chronic cases resolved only because I could test for and help the body to heal from nervous system switching.

Most medical schools in the US don’t teach nervous system switching, so your doctor has probably never heard of it. However, it’s not uncommon and can have a devastating but hidden effect on your health.

Scars, including tattoos, are the most common cause of nervous system switching.

Autonomic dysregulation” is the technical term for nervous system switching. Switching causes the electrical orientation of your nervous system to “switch” back and forth from positive to negative. Switching can happen once every few minutes to once every few milliseconds.

Common Switching Symptoms

(If you find yourself on this list, you should consider getting tested):
  • Getting suddenly worse or better from a health problem with no apparent reason. Also, you may alternate back and forth between recovering and relapsing.
  • A treatment, remedy, supplement, or drug working to help you heal suddenly becomes ineffective.
  • Some drugs may have opposite effects (for example, coffee puts you to sleep).
  • Drugs may work in extremely large or small doses only.
  • Extreme sensitivity to drugs or supplements.
  • You have health conditions that should resolve and you just can’t get well.

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Autonomic Nervous System Chart
Autonomic Nervous System Chart

What Causes Nervous System Switching?

Your body runs itself using a special dedicated nervous system called the autonomic nervous system (“ANS”). The ANS is a private network that you have no control over. It handles your heart rate, digestion, immune system, etc.

Most of the nerves in the ANS are right under your skin. There are so many that if you took away the rest of your body and just left your ANS, you’d still be recognizable.

If you cut through your skin, these underlying ANS nerve cells are damaged. If the cut doesn’t heal completely, it will leave a scar.

Sometimes a damaged nerve cell inside a scar won’t heal and will partially block a nerve path. This blockage can store up electrical energy from the nervous system and then suddenly release it. This sudden charge released into your ANS can flip the entire nervous system’s polarity (positive or negative electrical charge) for an instant.

Nerve cells heal slowly, so this condition can go on for many years. The scars can be from surgeries, accidents, tattoos, or other causes. If you have several scars, not all of them may be causing the problems, so it’s important to test to find out which one(s) are involved.

There are other causes for nervous system switching, such as infections, toxins, and even dead teeth.

Testing for Nervous System Switching

The most accurate way to test for switching is a lab test called Heart Rate Variability or “HRV,usually used for nervous system research.

HRV Test showing normal
HRV Test showing Switching
HRV Test showing normal
HRV Test showing Switching
How HRV testing works:

Your autonomic nervous system controls your heart rate beat to beat, depending on internal and external environmental factors. By measuring the variability of your heart rate, beat to beat-to-beat, and comparing this measurement between standing and lying down, it’s possible to determine the condition of your ANS. The test takes less than 10 minutes and is highly accurate.

Treating Switching Scars and Tattoos

Short Term: To temporarily stop switching (usually up to a few days), you can laser the scar for about 5 to 10 minutes with a “cold” laser (a laser using bio frequencies of 600 to 700 nanometers). I use these lasers in the clinic. You can find them for about $200.

Long TermRepeatedly treating the scar with vitamin E (I use wheat germ oil) may eventually break down the scar tissue and assist the damaged nerve cells to heal. I usually tell patients to rub the oil on their scar twice a day for at least three months.

Both these techniques can be effective on tattoos as well.

When other stresses are causing nervous system switching, more specific treatment techniques are needed.

Patient Stories

These stories are from patients whose nervous systems were switching. Resolving the switching was instrumental in their successful treatment.

Thanks to following Dr. Billiot’s advice and recommended supplement regimen, my health has significantly improved. Not only have I lost weight, but my cholesterol, blood sugar, and A1C are now within normal limits. I look forward to continuing to see improvement and am super thankful!— M.M.


I’ve had four months of normal periods for the first time in my life! I’ve ovulated properly and my period has been on a consistent schedule. I’ve also been producing normal levels of hormones by myself for the first time ever! I’m very proud of my body!— S.R.


Find Out How to Get Tested for Switching, or Other Help with your Health:

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