A recent article in The Economist is titled “The battle over the trillion-dollar weight-loss bonanza.”
You’ve probably heard about the new weight-loss drugs such as Wegovy and Zepbound (called GLP-1 agonists), which can quickly reduce a person’s body weight by 15%. That’s 30 pounds lost if you weigh 200 pounds.
The Economist is predicting that annual sales of these drugs may reach $80 billion by 2030.
Close to half the world’s population is predicted to be obese or overweight by 2030 (World Obesity Federation). So, a trillion dollars in sales over a few years is not a stretch.
In the history of pharmaceuticals, there has never been a product that was used by patients long-term that didn’t develop side effects. Generally, the more powerful the drug, the worse the side effects, as the chemical disrupts normal body functions.
These weight-loss drugs must be used for life and already have severe side effects (nausea, muscle loss, loss of enjoyment of foods). There is no predicting what happens after a person takes them for 10+ years.
Then, there’s human nature. As a species, we are not exceptionally good at doing things we don’t like unless there are consequences. Many overweight people live much healthier lifestyles to control their weight. Would they continue to eat well and exercise if they could take a drug and live any way they wanted?

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Your Body is the Best Doctor for Your Body

Conventional medicine is very good at solving many health issues. Infections, trauma, and disease processes that the body can’t control are examples.
Medicine gets in trouble when it pushes the boundaries of its knowledge and proven techniques without sufficient due diligence. Developing chemicals that can alter the body in powerful ways without understanding how they work has been proven dangerous. Add a trillion-dollar incentive to this, and a disaster is very likely to occur.
There are effective ways of assisting your body in healing itself that don’t run these risks. This approach helps you to be healthier, more stable, and more able to live confidently in a toxic and stressful world.

Find out if you can get healthy naturally without dangerous drugs and surgery.

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