Wishing and Hoping

To hope and to wish is a necessary part of any creative process.

I think we sometimes undervalue hope. “He’s just wishing and hoping” is a scornful description of a lazy or incompetent person. But do you realize that absolutely nothing could ever happen without some prior wishing and hoping? It’s creative imagination that starts anything, it’s hoping and wishing.

If you need to improve your health, I’d like to encourage you to hope and wish for it. That will get your creative imagination started. Maybe you haven’t thought of healing your body as a creative process, but creative imagination is an essential part of health! Without it, you’d never get started trying to improve your health.

Right now, think about how your life would be different without your health problems. What could you do that you don’t or can’t do now?

Now, think about how your life would be different if you had good, stable health. How would it feel to take your health for granted, and not to worry about what might happen tomorrow? How would it change your life to have abundant energy, stamina, and be able to think clearly?

See, this is hoping! Once you are hoping and wishing, you can get motivated to DO something about improving your health.

Ultimately, only your body can heal itself, but it will require you to assist it in this process. You may need to create your health in harmony with your body.

Health Logic

The “secret” of recovering from long-term health problems or problems without a medical solution is relatively simple. Follow this line of logic:

  1. Truly, your body is designed to heal itself.
  2. If you have a long-term or unhealing health problem, you can observe that your body isn’t healing.
  3. Because your body was designed to heal, it is undoubtedly trying to heal itself.
  4. Therefore, it must be stuck. Something is in its way, preventing it from healing.
  5. Conventional doctors do NOT know how to get a body unstuck. If doctors knew how to unstick an unhealing body and get it back to healing, we wouldn’t have 60% of the population ill with chronic health conditions.
  6. Your body knows more about itself than all the doctors of the world combined. Your body even knows why it is stuck.
  7. What if a method existed to discover directly from the body where it was stuck and what assistance it needed? In this case, what miracles of healing might become possible?

This logic is an actual reason to have hope!

Wish List:

Wishes are like specific hopes. For example, you might hope to improve your health, but in today’s world, you might have some particular wishes as well:

  1. I don’t want to get Covid-19
  2. I don’t want my family and friends to get Covid-19
  3. I want my health problem (fill in health problem here) to get better. And I don’t want to get Covid-19 while I have a health problem that might make it worse.

Your Health

I think, as a society, we have recently learned to have more respect and value for health.

If you’ve had health problems for a while, you can get used to them. If conventional medicine failed to do anything for you but manage your symptoms with drugs, you might feel there’s nothing else to do. The current focus on health could serve as a wake-up call and might get you started hoping and wishing for your health to improve.

The good news is:

If you’re up to doing the work, you can very likely recover your health.

Revisit my Health Logic List above. If you could successfully find out from your body what it needs to heal, and help it to do this, amazing possibilities appear.

I have developed a scientific and structured system called EvecticsSM that teams up the doctor and patient to become capable assistants for the body.

Here is how this works expressed graphically:

What Should You Do?

You should find out if EvecticsSM would work for you and what you’d have to do to recover your health.

If you’re suffering from symptoms that won’t resolve or taking “lifetime” drugs to control a condition, I am offering you an education and demonstration on how you can change this.

Because those with chronic health conditions have a risk of poor outcomes with Covid-19, I have a half-price offer for initial testing and consultations. You can find out if I can help you, how it works and what you’d have to do, all by investing a couple of hours and $135.

Make your wishing and hoping into a creative process of health. Click HERE to get started.

Watch this video for a seven-minute explanation of how to assist your body in healing itself.

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