Are You Frustrated With Your Health? Here’s Why

Janet started to have stomach pain after eating. It gradually got worse, and she started coughing a lot. She made an appointment with her doctor—and started on a trail to complete frustration.

After five doctor visits to specialists, two scopes, and four drugs, her problems hadn’t noticeably improved. Except, now she wasn’t sleeping well because of the pain, and was fatigued at work.

What disturbed her was that this had all happened before. During her college years, Janet started having long and severe menstrual cycles that led to anemia (low blood iron that causes fatigue). Her doctor put her on birth control pills, which helped. But her periods had never been right since, and she feared to get off the birth control. Just like her digestive problems, her doctors had no solution, forcing her to live with her health problems.

Health Problems can be a Slippery Slope

Sadly, I can accurately predict Janet’s future health. The processes that underlie her problems are not medically treatable and will continue to get worse.

Janet will add a new symptom each year or two from now on. She’ll probably develop high cholesterol, joint pain, and more menstrual problems. She may become infertile.

There are thousands of health conditions that are like Janet’s, and the onset of these problems can predict that more will appear. Most of these problems have no effective medical cure, only management of symptoms from drugs.

Two Kinds of Health Conditions

Although this isn’t the preferred terminology, doctors would agree that health conditions fall into two primary groups:

  1. Medically curable conditions
  2. Chronic conditions with no cure that sometimes can have their symptoms managed with lifetime drugs

Here’s the difference:

With curable diseases, the symptom of the disease is also the cause of the disease.

Symptom: broken arm

Cause of the symptom: the arm is broken.

If you treat the symptom, you are treating the cause of the problem. Doctors are great at treating specific, observable problems (like bone fractures).

With chronic diseases, there’s no apparent cause for the problem. For example, with diabetes, there’s no “smoking gun,” no observable problem that, if corrected, would resolve the disease. In Janet’s case, lab tests and scopes revealed nothing abnormal, so there’s nothing for her doctors to treat. The only medical solution is drugs to try to manage the symptoms.

Now the Bad News

An astounding 60% of the adult population of the US has one or more incurable (chronic) health problems. The chances are high that you’re one of the 60%.

Your problem might be relatively minor (acne, heartburn, allergies, sleep problems, back pain, etc.). Or your health could be seriously messing up your life (debilitating fatigue or depression, severe digestive problems, female hormone problems, diabetes, blood pressure, or heart disease).

Once you have a chronic disease, there’s a good chance you’ll develop more of them: 40% of the adult population of the US has more than one of these diseases.

The Cause of Chronic Disease

Chronic conditions come from a place where you might not think of looking.

Here is what happens:

Cause of Chronic Illness

Your body takes on damage every day of your life just from the process of living. For the past century, this damage has become increasingly more intense with toxins in the air, water, and food, highly-processed food with less nutrition, and constant emotional stress. Happily, your body is designed to monitor, maintain, and repair itself continually.

Chronic health problems begin when your body lags behind in the maintenance and healing process, with the damage happening more rapidly than your body can repair it. This “getting behind” occurs because of some specific stress or damage of a type that your body can’t heal.

The process usually starts slowly, with your body compensating for and hiding the damage from you. It can take years for the unrepaired damage to get entirely out of control and force your body to have symptoms. By this time, your body has many malfunctions, but no clear cause for them.

Your health has become a vast tangle of failed attempts by your body to heal itself.

With this confused, tangled, complex damage, it’s not a wonder that doctors are at a standstill trying to figure out a solution to these health problems.

There IS a Solution

Health care is ruled by conventional medicine. If these guys can’t cure a disease, they believe wholeheartedly that nothing else exists or would work, either.

So, you won’t find much information on solutions to chronic conditions written up in the New England Journal of Medicine or on the Harvard Medical School’s website. Instead, there are just more methods of managing the symptoms.

Yet, it’s entirely possible to recover partially or wholly from many chronic conditions. The solution starts with understanding the causes of these problems.

Chronic conditions come from the degradation of your body’s ability to maintain and heal itself.

Your body is operated for you by an “onboard intelligence,” so you don’t have to spend all of your time controlling your digestion, heart rate, immune system, etc. This intelligence is the only entity that fully understands what’s preventing your body from healing and what would have to happen to change this.

So, let’s change roles. Let’s have your body’s intelligence become the doctor, and the “doctor” now can become your body’s assistant in the healing process. After all, who knows more about your body? The best doctor in the world, or your own body?

The key to success with this approach is to do what the BODY wants, not what the practitioner wants. If the practitioner decides what to do and in what sequence without finding the cause and underlying factors as to why the body got sick in the first place, he may be trying to build a roof before putting up the walls. Only the body knows what to do and in what order to do it.

As your body recovers its ability to heal and maintain itself, it will resolve (to the degree possible) the complex malfunctions and damage that created your chronic illnesses.


This article isn’t about the technical aspects or methodology of holistic health care.

My aim is simply to make you aware that this type of health care exists.

Most patients trust their doctor as a higher authority. When your doctor (backed up by the vast and intimidating medical health care system) proclaims that you have an unresolvable, chronic disease requiring drug management for the rest of your life, you tend to believe him. And now that you “know” that nothing but drug management of your symptoms can be done, why would you look for another solution?

I just want you to know that it’s possible to find underlying causes for chronic health conditions.

I wish you the best of luck and the best of health!

Would you like to find out how you can obtain more optimal health?

If you have a chronic health condition, you are much more at risk of a poor outcome with Covid-19. CDC “People of any age with underlying medical conditions.”

Any chronic condition can decrease your immune response (digestive problems, menstrual problems, fatigue, sleep, headaches, depression, joint pain, etc.)

Recovering from a chronic health condition can take some time and quite a bit of effort on your part, but the results can be life-changing. Plus, without the stress of your chronic condition, you’re much less likely to become ill from an infectious disease.

If you think that this might be a pretty good idea, I would be happy to see you or to make a telemedicine appointment. Go Here if you are interested in finding out about this option

THE SOLUTION TO CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITIONS is to assist the body so that it continues to heal and become healthier and more resilient, finally achieving a good quality of life and stable health with labs showing normal ranges.

Watch the video below for a seven-minute explanation of how to assist your body in healing itself.

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Watch this video for a seven-minute explanation of how to assist your body in healing itself.