The Physics of Pain

There is a physics of the nervous system that explains long-term or chronic pain.

If you are suffering from this kind of pain, usually you just want it to stop. You aren’t likely to care overly much about physics.

However, you should know that understanding the physics can lead to “just getting it to stop.”

Standing Waves

Remember from physics how a wave looks? It’s a big “S” on its side. As time progresses, the energy goes up, then comes down, then goes up again.

If the wave hits something that reflects it back, you get an echo. But if the return wave exactly matches the original wave as it returns, you get something wonderful and weird called a “standing wave.”

It’s as if the wave isn’t moving. The high energy point stays in the same place, as does the low energy point.

We’ve all experienced this at a stoplight. The guy pulls up next to you with the subwoofers so massive that his suspension is bottoming out. Suddenly, your car is shaking. Your body is shaking. Your teeth are shaking.

You’re experiencing a standing wave.

Your Nervous System and Energy

Standing Wave

“Standing Waves” in the nervous system

Your nervous system is a conductor of energy. This energy, which contains coded information your body needs to operate, moves back and forth across the nerves all over your body, all the time.

An impact or injury anywhere in your body can cause a system overload. If this overload creates a barrier to nervous system energy, it can change the length of the path that energy will travel before it’s “answered back” in the system. This can cause a nervous system standing wave.

Impact and injuries can set up a standing wave of energy in your nervous system.

Like the subwoofers in the next car, this energy overload can get very uncomfortable and can be a cause of pain. Because the overload can prevent normal nerve communication, you can have slow healing and long-term pain.

Wrong Solutions

With its concentration on pharmaceuticals, medicine believes that the answer to pain is using drugs to block nerve conduction. Drugs temporarily stop the pain, but the stress on the nervous system may worsen the standing wave problem. In most cases, if you stop the medication, you continue the pain.

Solving the Problem

Once you have a basic understanding of the physics involved, you can see that the solution would be to bleed off the excess energy from the standing wave so healing can occur.

Success with this involves an entirely different point of view from traditional medicine.

Medicine’s viewpoint is that “the body is doing something wrong (hurting), so we need to stop it from doing that wrong thing (medicate it).”

A better view would be, “the body is intelligent and can heal itself with a bit of assistance, as long as the assistance is what the body wants, not what some “expert” thinks it wants.”

The Army’s Solution

Dr. Aaron Cook performs an acupuncture procedure on Jackenson Pierre Propeta on hospital ship USNS Comfort. (DoD photo by Spc. Nashaunda Tilghman)

Few organizations are faced with as much of a pain problem as the US Army. After tremendous difficulties with addiction, accidents caused by soldiers impaired with painkillers, and death from overdoses, the Army was willing to try anything as long as it worked.

What they settled on was acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a process of communicating with the body and helping it to re-route and balance nervous system energy.

With acupuncture, there are no drugs, no addiction, and no side effects. And in many cases, acupuncture provided more significant pain relief than drugs.

Acupuncture Patching

Homeopathic Acupuncture Patch

Homeopathic Acupuncture Patch

At my clinic, we use homeopathic patches placed on acupuncture points to balance nervous system energy and reduce pain.

The patches absorb the body’s infrared radiation and convert it to a specific light wavelength, stimulating the acupuncture point where the patch is applied. The patches are extremely effective at bleeding off excess nervous system energy. Rebalancing the nervous system this way breaks up the standing waves causing pain.

“Patching” is one example of how we assist the body’s intelligence to heal based on testing rather than on guessing.

Patient Success with Homeopathic Patches

I had a crazy neck pain for about a week that wouldn’t go away with heat, massage, soaking or my infrared blanket. One day with Dr. Billiot’s little patches on two key points of my body and the pain disappeared. –J.S.

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