Have you ever suffered from a lack of caring in the health care system? This could be obvious: a doctor or nurse that treated you impersonally or failed to answer your questions. Or it could be indirect: a failure to diagnose or treat your problem correctly because no one cared enough to make sure it was done right.

It’s interesting that caring is critical to successful health care and to the improvement of physical and mental illness and disability.

Caring: to have or show respect or concern for. To pay attention. Displaying kindness and concern for others.

A person who is caring is kind. The word “kind” comes from the word “kin.” You are kind because the object of your kindness is “kin,” as family to you.

Isn’t this all just so nice? But living in the real world, many people have given up on expecting caring or kindness from their health care system.

I believe that if it were possible to remake health care around the concept of “caring,” this would solve most of the problems with it.

People will care the most about their Basic Purpose

Why would any health care professional treat you impersonally or fail to make sure that you were correctly taken care of? I think it’s because their Basic Purpose has been altered to something OTHER than to help patients with their health.

Your Basic Purpose is, by definition, what you care the most about. This is at the very heart of caring. If that purpose is to create financial stability for yourself and your family, that’s what you are going to care about. If creating that financial stability relies on keeping a job with a corporate health provider, then you are going to have to care about their Basic Purpose in order to keep your job. If management of that corporation has a Basic Purpose of keeping their jobs, they’ll care about keeping the board/shareholders happy with increasing profits.

So, through this chain, the health care worker winds up with a Basic Purpose in alignment to a large degree with the Basic Purpose of the corporate board of his company.

This is why many health providers, despite their natural empathy and desire to help, can act as if they care very little about providing effective, caring and affordable health care to patients.

Their Basic Purpose has been hijacked by the corporate health care system.

You can determine a Basic Purpose by observing a person or group’s products

This is a great tip: Don’t listen to what they say. Don’t watch what they do. Instead, examine with they PRODUCE. This will clue you in to what their Basic Purpose is, and thereby tell you what they care (or don’t care) about.

Our current health care system has produced a society where more than half the population is sick from chronic disease. (Link is to CDC website) Their PRODUCT is millions of sick people spending massive sums of money on drugs and surgeries that don’t result in any less illness.

How it should be done

Caring in health care is NOT some nice add-on to make the patient happier. It’s critical to getting any successful results.

In my clinic, the goal is to help patients recover their health for the rest of their lives.

Research has shown that without question, most chronic disease is a direct result of lifestyle choices. (Link is to Cleveland Clinic website)

The only way any progress in health can be made is to have patients improve their lifestyles.

The only way this can occur is really good communication between myself, the staff and the patients.

Poor communication means the patient may misunderstand or not understand instructions, do the wrong things or fail to do the right things needed to heal.

There’s only one way to be in good communication with a patient: You must really care about them and like them! This results in the patient caring and liking the practitioner as well. How well do you communicate with someone you don’t like? Not so good, correct?

Good communication is a direct result of liking and caring.

A patient may have difficulty doing some part of their program and may need help. The best help a practitioner can give is to be on their patient’s team! If the patient feels they have a responsibility to get well and to do their program very well, that their practitioner cares about them and will be excited for their success, this can overcome a lot of difficulty the patient may be experiencing in making the changes in their life that are needed for them to heal.

Our sad medical system suffers from short visits and overworked doctors who can come off as not caring. They often aren’t in good communication with their patients, a fact that leads to many devastating medical errors.

Outrageous success… based on caring

By any measure my patients are outrageously successful in recovering their health. This is my PRODUCT, from which you can decide what my Basic Purpose might be.

  • The percentage of my patients who reverse their declining health conditions and start improving within a few weeks of starting a program is really astounding.
  • There’s the number that have their doctors take them off prescription medications because they don’t need them anymore.
  • There’s the number that are declared no longer diagnosed with one disease or another.
  • There’s the number that resume the lives they want to live, lives that had been curtailed or stopped by their health.
  • There’s the number that are still healthy after 5, 10, 15 and 20 years from when they were first my patients.

These patients all got great results because their bodies were able to heal. This healing was facilitated by MY caring about the patient, and the PATIENT caring about their health and their program with me. Sure, technical knowledge and the EvecticsSM program are a critical component, but the most important part of any successful treatment program is caring.

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