Differences Between a Mammogram and Thermography

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

With breast cancer, early detection is considered the primary factor in good outcomes and reduced mortality. Conventional medicine is focused almost entirely on early detection, as are most of the breast cancer non-profits.

This focus on early detection is an excellent thing, in that survivability statistics for breast cancer are improving.

But, mammography does not PREVENT breast cancer (a common misconception). In one study, 68% of the women surveyed believed that mammography prevents or reduces the risk of contracting breast cancer. Mammography can only find already existing cancer so it can be treated.

Personally, I would Rather be Proactive and Avoid Breast Cancer

Excellent technology exists to prevent breast cancer, even though it’s not a big part of the breast cancer information you are likely to see.

There are two important parts of breast cancer prevention:

  1. Thermography
  2. Hormone health and balancing

Thermography is a very specific and advanced type of infrared photography that maps the surface temperature of the breasts. When analyzed by a trained and certified thermologist, risk factors can be identified, along with the level of risk. Then you can do a program to improve that risk, followed by another thermography to confirm that your risk is reduced.

Hormone levels can add to breast cancer risk in several ways. Estrogen imbalance can show on thermography as well as on a lab test. Getting your hormones in balance can reduce or eliminate many common symptoms and improve your life while reducing your cancer risk.

Thermography Facts
Can I do thermography instead of mammography?

First, ask yourself why you are having a mammogram. If you are having a mammogram to prevent cancer, then that is the wrong test. A mammogram never prevented even one person from getting cancer. It can only detect a dense object in the breast.

On the other hand, thermography detects the physiological, chemical, and temperature changes before pathology develops, 5 to 8 years before detection on a mammogram.

So, thermography is appropriate for preventative screening.

A mammogram is appropriate for detecting and diagnosing cancer, both early and later stage pathology. Thermography and mammography gather different information, and a woman may need both of these to ensure that her breasts are and remain healthy.

A thermography study does not replace a mammogram but is very complementary. Many women choose thermography to give them additional and early information about breast changes.

I hope this helps!


Dr. Melodie Billiot

Learn about Thermography!

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