Is It Because of the STRESS, or Because of Poor Health?

Spoiler: Later in this post, I will show you how to make some simple changes to demonstrate how you can be DONE with your stress problems. Stress in our Covid world is high and getting higher. It’s not like there was no stress to start with, either. Sick Face Stress has severe effects on your body and health. The hormone, nervous system, and circulatory system changes your body makes in response to long-term stress can cause many health problems:

  • Headaches: Stress can trigger or intensify tension headaches.
  • Heartburn: Stress can increase stomach acid and cause reflux and heartburn.
  • Shortness of Breath: Rapid breathing from stress can tense up muscles.
  • Pounding heart: Stress hormones increase heart rate.
  • Irregular periods: Stress hormones throw sex hormones out of balance.
  • Depression: Chronic stress can wear you down and wear you out.
  • Sleep: Stress makes it harder to get to sleep, and stress hormones can wake you in the night.
  • Weak immune system: You become more vulnerable to infections (not what you need now).
  • High blood sugar: Your liver releases extra sugar with stress which can cause or worsen type 2 diabetes.
  • High blood pressure: Stress hormones tighten blood vessels and raise blood pressure.
  • Stomach aches: Stress affects digestion and can cause cramping, pain, and nausea.
  • Low sex drive
  • Shoulder and back pain: Tense muscles from stress cause tension-related pain.

Patching Up Your Stress

Patch A patch is a temporary fix for a problem until you can get it repaired correctly. If you research stress solutions, you will find about 99% of them are patches.

Stress “patch” examples:
  • Breathing exercises
  • Walking away
  • Be more aware of your body, and its effect on your stress symptoms
  • Taking care of yourself, trying to relax
  • Drugs
  • Supplements
  • Meditation

All of these may reduce (temporarily) your stress symptoms and make your life more tolerable. However, none of them will solve your stress problem.

This is Important:

3 Dice Unless you know three important facts, you will be “patching” your stress symptoms for the rest of your life. I may sound dire, but realize that none of the actions you’ll ever see recommended to help handle stress are intended to END your stress problem; they are designed just to kick the can down the road. They are “patches.”

The real solution to your stress problem is not supposed to be possible.

Medically, the solution doesn’t exist (which should be obvious, as otherwise millions of stressed people would be treated and getting better). Here’s what you must know to get DONE with your stress problem and all the symptoms and misery you are experiencing:

  1. Many of your health problems are from physical and mental stress sources. They are related to how your body physiologically handles long-term stress. Stress-induced health problems are caused by the damage to your body from long-term stress and the body’s resulting inability to handle that stress. Stress burns up minerals and B-vitamins at alarming rates. When you have been stressed for long periods, your brain and other organs can become affected. This can cause brain fog, exhaustion, inflammation and subsequent health problems.
  2. Your body can be in very poor condition, but your medical doctor may tell you that you’re completely healthy. Basic conventional blood tests are very specific and may not catch the majority of health problems. The average person has chronic symptoms with no medical treatment, and it’s become the norm to say these people are healthy. Even if your blood work is normal, you may still not feel right. If you feel bad, something is going on in your body that isn’t right.
  3. It’s possible to take actions that will help your body regain and restore its ability to heal itself. Doing this allows you to become healthier (often dramatically so). As your body’s health improves, it will become more and more able to handle the stress in your life. Eventually, you can solve your stress problem BACKWARDS: By getting your body healthy enough to deal with the stress instead of trying to reduce the stress, so your unhealthy body isn’t overwhelmed.

You may not have heard of this approach before because medical doctors aren’t trained to help the body become healthier overall. Medicine is involved in the treatment of disease and the reduction of symptoms.

Get Started

To get started, you should do an experiment to discover for yourself that you can help your own body get healthier and feel better without drugs or various stress-reducing exercises. Once you’ve proven to yourself that there is a way to (permanently) feel good, be healthy, and still handle the stress in your life, you can decide what to do next to continue your healing and improvement.

Your Experiment:

Experiment You will make a series of simple diet changes that most people can accomplish in a few days. You won’t be doing a long-term “healthy diet.” This experiment is a short-term method of removing immediate stress from your immune system. With less stress, your immune system will be able to get some of your health issues under better control. The important thing is that you will notice the difference and see that this works. Read this link and do what it says. If you make these simple diet changes for about two or three weeks, you’ll very likely see some remarkable changes in your body. You aren’t likely to be done with your stress problems, but you will have seen a demonstration of how doing the RIGHT thing can make notable changes in your health.

Once You’re Convinced

Talk to me! Everyone needs an individual program to improve their health. I can help you find out precisely what YOU need to do to be done with your stress… forever.

Tell Me How You’re Doing

Dr. Billiot Just write to me at I am concerned and very interested in your experience. Wishing you the very best,

Dr. Billiot

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