My “Healthy” Diet (I Wish!)

QUESTION: Would you like to have a healthier diet?
ANSWER: “I wish I could, but I know I can’t.”  

When I talk to people other than my patients, many say that they have tried to improve their diets for years without success. I’ve seen that, in general, most people who say that they want to eat better don’t manage to succeed.

I’ve also seen that almost everyone who says they want to improve their diet has a health issue they hope to improve or control with their healthier diet.


The Two Common Diet-Improvement Goals

1: Get my health problem improved! (This can be weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. But it can also be fatigue, hormone problems, digestion, sleep, or many more).

2: Eat healthier = be healthier. I want to be healthier, happier, and feel like I will stay that way because I eat a healthy diet.

Barrier to Healthy Diet
Being Active

Barriers to Eating a Healthy Diet

1: Not knowing how to eat healthier or accepting the wrong advice and trying to eat a diet that won’t work.

2: Uncontrollable sugar, carb and junk food cravings.

3: Being ambitious and attempting too much change too quickly.

4: Changing to a non-sustainable diet that you can’t continue with long-term.

5: Then there’s the big one: “It didn’t work” or “It didn’t work well enough.”

Honestly, it’s rare to hear that a person changed their diet and resolved their health problem. This is because health problems are often made worse by an unhealthy diet but have other causes than just diet.

So, you may see improvement in your health problem if you improve your diet, but it is unlikely to resolve entirely or become stable.

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Why Eat Healthy
Why Eat Healthy

So Then, Why Try to Improve My Diet?

Because if you can successfully improve your diet long-term, you can:

  • Feel better,
  • Slow the progression of your health problems,
  • Prevent new health problems from developing.

AND: You are DOING something about your health instead of just waiting for it to worsen.

What Diet Changes Do I Recommend?

The right thing to do is SOMETHING that will improve your health, and set yourself up to continue doing that “something” long-term.

The wrong thing to do is to get excited about starting a complex diet that involves many changes and then fail (such as low-calorie, keto, paleo, vegan, etc.).

Here’s a link to an article on a simple, immune-boosting diet that breaks down seven simple diet changes by importance. You can start with the most important, do it long enough to become stable, then do the next one.

Since you’re likely to feel better in some way by putting in each of these steps, there’s positive reinforcement.

If you don’t try to change too much too fast, you won’t blow up and quit.


Many of my patients tell me that there’s no way for them to eat a healthy diet, because they have  uncontrollable cravings for sugar, carbs (bread, pasta, doughnuts, pastries, cookies, cake) and junk foods (chips, candy, fast food, pizza).

This can be a very difficult problem, and most people can’t overcome these cravings on their own.

Cravings Solutions:

If you have this problem, you many need some help:

1: Herbal remedies: Herbs such as gymnema can sometimes help.

2: Desensitization: I have often seen patients with sensitivities to such foods as wheat, corn, soy, and sugar can cause severe cravings. Using an acupressure desensitization technique called Systems Desensitization Technique to eliminate these sensitivities can greatly improve cravings while destressing the gut and improving overall health.

3: Acupressure Cravings Treatments: Over a decade ago, I developed a specialized acupressure treatment to help the body better handle the stresses that cause cravings. There are treatments for sugars, refined carbs, food chemicals (junk food cravings) and chocolate. These treatments along with desensitizations and help with diet improvement have all but eliminated cravings as a barrier to health improvement for my patients.

Simple, Immune-Boosting Diet Plan

Here’s a link to an article on a simple, immune-boosting diet that breaks down seven simple diet changes by importance. You can start with the most important, do it long enough to become stable, then do the next one.

Solve health problem
Solve health problem

OK, But How Do I Solve My Health Problem?

So, if diet alone is unlikely to resolve most health problems, what IS the solution?

Get tested to determine what factors prevent your body from healing.

If you don’t do this, you will be guessing, trying one thing after another to see what might work, researching the internet endlessly, and finding little to nothing that really helps.

A word of caution: Discovering the cause(s) of your health problem is just the first step. You’ll also have to do something effective to assist your body in regaining its ability to heal.

If you have a stubborn/long-term health problem, there is no single treatment, drug, supplement, or diet that will solve it.

Guide to a Plan
Guide to a Plan

You Don’t Need a Single Treatment; You Need a Guide and a Program

You need an entire program to work with your body, diet, and lifestyle to restore your life and health. You’ll also need a guide to work with you through the program and ensure you get a complete result.

This doesn’t have to be hard. It could be done in less time than you may imagine.

I understand how you feel; it was my own frightening health experiences that inspired my clinic. I’ve been where you are myself.

I’ve been helping cases that are probably similar to yours for 28 years and have developed a comprehensive program that is individualized and unique to you. What I do isn’t a secret! You can go to my Information and Education Hub webpage and read as much as you like about what I do and how it works.

Here is your plan:
  1. Use the link below to go to my online health quiz.
  2. Fill out the quiz and submit it.
  3. We’ll call you and do a phone consultation to determine if it’s likely that we could help you.
  4. You’ll get started toward feeling better and achieving your diet and health goals.




TO START YOUR PLAN: Fill out an online questionnaire

Submit your Questionnaire, and you’ll receive a complimentary consultation to get more information about causes to your problems and your individual health questions answered.

Chronic Symptoms Subsiding!

When I first came to see Dr. Billiot and her capable staff I was experiencing severe nagging symptoms: fatigue, runny nose, fluid buildup in the ears, prostate symptoms and lower back pain. Within a few visits my energy level was back up and my chronic symptoms had practically disappeared. For the past couple of years I have paid special attention to my diet and have taken high quality whole food nutritional supplements. I believe this helped me experience optimal results from Dr. Billiot’s care in a short period of time. Thank you Dr. Billiot and the whole staff for your wonderful service. — B.B.

Do You Have a Stubborn Health Problem?

I may be able to help you.

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Dr. Melodie Billiot

Would you please take five minutes to fill out a health assessment survey and send it to me? I’ll review your information, then have my assistant call you for any additional information. Then, I’ll let you know if your case might be a good fit for my clinic. This assessment is complimentary, with no strings attached. Either I can help you–or point you in the right direction to get help.

Don’t give up! You can recover your health if you persist.