The Immunity Bottom Line

The Immunity Bottom Line

Your response to infection is mostly determined by your Body State:

IMPROVING: You are more resistant to infection and will respond more effectively if you get sick.
WORSENING: You are a magnet for disease and trouble.

There is lots of useful information about how to improve your immunity:

  • Sleeping
  • Exercise
  • Eating well
  • Avoiding stress.

Doctors know that these have value, but they have observed that it’s very hit-and-miss. Sometimes these actions seem to help, and sometimes they don’t.

Here is why:

What Gets Missed

Conventional doctors are very focused on symptoms or out-of-range lab tests. They fail to see the most critical factor in overall health, which is the state of the body: is it improving or worsening?

A body that is getting worse, even slowly, is a magnet for trouble. If your body is worsening, then it is on the way out of life. It’s incrementally dying. You could compare it to a business that is going bankrupt. There are no resources to tap into to allow recovery.

A body that’s staying about the same is also on the way out, but it isn’t evident yet.

The only safety and stability of health is for a body that’s getting better.

Years ago, I had a friend, a doctor who started practicing in the 1950s. He loved to say, “A happy body heals, and an unhappy body doesn’t.” I asked him, “Dr. Bryman, what makes a body happy?” He answered, “A happy body is one that’s improving. If it’s getting better, then it’s getting happy.”

Very Practical Information:

Are you in excellent physical condition, but you’ve been going slightly downhill for the past couple of years? You’ve noticed some weight gain, your digestion has been off for a while, you got sick more last year than usual, and recently you just haven’t had the same level of energy? You are in a declining condition and are at risk, despite your overall “good” physical condition.

Are you in poor shape with several chronic health conditions and very frightened of getting the coronavirus? If you could take actions to turn your condition around so that you were improving instead of worsening, you’d be much less likely to have trouble. Further, you’d feel much more confident and much less worried.

Your health outlook is more directly affected by its condition of improving or worsening than any other factor.

This common-sense observation has gotten lost in the complexities of a health care system that sees people as the parts of their various systems, glands, and organs and not as a whole.

What This Means Right Now

If your health has been declining of late:

You need to get very busy fixing this no matter how “great” your health may be.

If you aren’t in good health, your most effective action to prepare for this virus is to get your body improving.

How to Create Improving Health

Generically, you can do all the good stuff you already know about: sleep, de-stress yourself, eat healthy food, and exercise.  If you’re already improving slightly, this might make it move up a bit more. If you’re staying the same, there’s a chance that doing all of this might nose your condition up just slightly. So, do these things!

If you are in a definite declining condition, the generic actions above aren’t going to be enough.

You’ll need help to be successful.

Chronic health conditions are what cause declining health. Conventional medicine has no idea what to do with these illnesses other than managing them with drugs. If you wish to improve your health, you’ll have to take a completely different approach. For this, you’ll need a functional medicine doctor, a nutritionist, or a holistic practitioner that is competent, trained, and knowledgeable.

Working with a competent professional, you may be able to turn your health around in a matter of weeks, even if you have long-term or severe problems. Bodies tend to get better or worse, but don’t do anything in the middle very long.

Here are some useful articles to get a better understanding of how you could reverse your health condition:

How Dr. Billiot improves chronic health conditions

How to get started

Watch this video for an understanding of how to improve your health.

Watch this video for a seven-minute explanation of how to assist your body in healing itself.

Two Steps to Happiness— Despite Corona

Two Steps to Happiness— Despite Corona

From my many conversations with patients this week, I’d say we’re all just a little freaked out. It’s a combination of the bad things that have already happened (stock market, layoffs, closings, increasing coronavirus cases) and the uncertainty about the bad things that could happen in the future. If you’re freaked, you have every excuse to be that way.

Last weekend, I went through some pretty dark moments myself. But I realized that a way out had to exist, a way to thrive and prosper despite the apparent collapse of the society around me (and not being able to find toilet paper).

Here’s what I came up with: I have to CREATE my way out of this situation. “Trying harder” and “keeping my nose to the grindstone” are pretty useless approaches to this problem. What’s needed is to look at the situation as it exists and see how I can create new opportunities and solutions. How can I help more people more effectively? How can I help them despite the limitations we’re living through right now?

By Monday afternoon, I had created enough answers to start feeling a little excited. I know it’s probably bad form to have any happiness right now, but thinking about how I can make a difference in my patient’s lives while they weather this crisis DOES make me happy! [Here is my plan that is making me happy]

I recommend that you look at your situation. Hunkering down and hiding isn’t going to work long-term. What can you CREATE in your life to improve your happiness? Answer this question, and you might be on your journey to come safely out of the other side of this disaster.

The First Things to Do:

  1. Don’t do “nothing,” which is always the wrong thing to do.
  2. Don’t try to keep your life the same as it was before.

Hey! Look around. You’ll have to make some adjustments, stop doing some of the things that you used to do, and change your priorities. Hiding, pretending that this all blowing over in the next few weeks; these are not going to help you.

Here’s a list of the changes I have made for my family. I recommend that you come up with your list and implement it.

The Second Things to Do

List out the things that could bite you, and CREATE (remember that word?) solutions to all of them.


  • Losing my job.
    • SOLUTION: Get fully informed of any assistance or insurance you are eligible for and work out how to live off this before it occurs (or quickly if it’s already happened).
    • Get inventive and create a new source of income that will work in the current society (the only way you can’t do this is if you are sure it’s impossible).
  • Getting sick.
    • SOLUTION: Short term, find out how to boost your immune system in your specific case (there are generic answers to this, but they aren’t nearly as effective as tailoring a protocol to you). [Here is how]
    • Immediately implement personal policies to reduce your exposure [Here is my personal list].
    • Longer-term, get on an effective health improvement program. Healing and improving bodies respond entirely differently to stress and infection than one that’s plateaued or getting worse. [Here’s How]
  • Being stressed.
    • SOLUTION: Create your program of self-improvement and stress reduction. This could be a great time to take an online course, write poetry, short stories, or a novel, or organize your family photos for posterity.
    • Physically, take walks, do yoga, stretch, but do this every day.

It’s kind of miraculous how just starting to move the needle on this whole messed-up situation will change your outlook for the better.

Let Me Know What You’re Doing

Leave a comment below, or email me at and tell me what you have created and what you’re doing to overcome the stress and disruption to your life. I’ll publish the best ones as an inspiration to everyone.

Watch this video for a seven-minute explanation of how to assist your body in healing itself.

Coronavirus Clinic Plan

Coronavirus Clinic Plan

My Coronavirus Plan that is Making Me Happy:

I know it’s probably bad form to have any happiness right now, but thinking about how I can make a difference in my patient’s lives while they weather this crisis DOES make me happy!

Here’s my plan:

Create a safe clinic so patients can come in, be relaxed, and improve their health.

Doing this stressed me out at first. There was so much to do and so little guidance. Now that it’s done, I feel so much better, and I know that everything that could make my patients and staff safer is being done.

Continue to improve the health of every patient— despite the disruption.

I’ve been practicing for 27 years, but the stakes have never been higher. I know that every week that my patients complete on their treatment programs makes them a little safer. I understand that each new patient that starts a program goes from getting worse to starting to improve. A healing, improving body naturally resists illness, whereas a body that is getting worse is a magnet for trouble.

Create immune-boost supplement programs for patients and also for their families who aren’t patients.

The research is rolling in on supplements that improve the immune system generally and specifically for corona-type viruses. But what will work depends a lot on the person and what their strengths and weaknesses are. I’ve been able to put together groups of supplements to boost immunity, and even more importantly, I have found available sources of these supplements that are the highest quality.

Create a full-service online practice that includes supplement and diet consulting and acupressure treatments that are done at home to keep all my patients improving when they can’t leave home.

Whether you could or should leave your house has become unpredictable. Also, some of my patients should stay home, period. Also, we aren’t allowing patients with any kind of illness into the building. My responsibility is to continue to help my patients keep their health improving and thus be resistant to infection— no matter what. Thankfully, I have been researching how to do acupressure treatments using homeopathic patches for several years. I worked out the final details over the weekend and plan to “go live” as early as next week.

My purpose is to help my patients to have better lives, and with my “happy plan” I can continue to do this despite the insanity.

Watch this video for a seven-minute explanation of how to assist your body in healing itself.

Coronavirus Family Policies

Coronavirus Family Policies

Dr. Billiot’s Coronavirus Family Policies

I have found it very helpful to put some order into my family life to counter the overwhelming upset and confusion. By following these rules, we all feel safe and more in control. I recommend this for every family!

  • Everyone gets a temperature check each morning. Anything more than 99.6 would mean that person gets quarantined to a room.
  • All of us are taking immune supplements daily, along with our regular supplement programs.
  • We are reducing our exposure to infection by using online or pick up grocery shopping. If we can’t do this, then we restrict shopping to one trip to the grocery store per week instead of several. We bring wipes to the store and wear gloves. Other than the grocery store, we don’t get out much!
  • We’re keeping wipes, hand sanitizer and gloves in each car.
  • Hand washing rules: Wash hands after restroom use, after playing with pets, before eating and after going out in public places.
  • Everyone does exercise of some kind. I’ve been doing online yoga. I’ve seen a lot of free online exercise classes from gyms, the Y, yoga and Pilates studios. Walking is also great. We walk our dogs and cat every day (it’s weird, but our cat loves to come along on the dog walks, highly amuses our neighbors).
  • Self-care is important for everyone as well. When we’re this busy at the clinic, it’s easy to fall into a work-work-work pattern. If you can’t work, it’s easy to fall into a monotony of TV or internet browsing. We all need to do something that is important to us: reading, writing, art, music, whatever you do for you.
  • We have a family chart on the fridge where each person marks off each daily activity. The chart keeps our attention on the important things we need to keep doing.

Took all their supplements


Slept 8 hours

Self-Care (did something just for themselves)

Create Things (art, music, writing, flower arranging, gardening, etc.)

Avoid stressful media and people

Watch this video for a seven-minute explanation of how to assist your body in healing itself.

Personal Virus Safety Rules

Personal Virus Safety Rules

Dr. Billiot’s Personal Safety Rules

  1. Wash hands a lot.
  2. Keep hand sanitizer, wipes and gloves in the car (all needed for grocery shopping).
  3. No one comes in the house unless it’s essential (the plumber!) and not until I’ve questioned them on the phone: “Are you or have you been ill recently? Is anyone in your family ill? Are you coughing? Have you or your family traveled recently? Have you or your family had any exposure to the virus?”
  4. Wipe down the car interior “touchables” regularly and wear gloves when gassing up.
  5. Grocery shopping:
    • Best to use pickup or delivery service.
    • Go to the store and look: if it’s crowded, come back later.
    • Wear gloves.
    • Use self-checkout to stay away from other people.
    • At home, wipe everything down before putting it away (soap and water work fine, you don’t need disinfectant). Remember that all the veggies and fruits have been touched and squeezed—Wash them! Cardboard is almost as bad as plastic and steel for hosting the virus, so clean the boxes as well.
    • When you’re back at your car after shopping, pull your debit or credit card out and wipe it before you forget.

Watch this video for a seven-minute explanation of how to assist your body in healing itself.