What the BLEEP Should I Do?

More or Less DifficultWhat the BLEEP Should I Do?

“I have health issues, and I need to improve how my body works. Nothing I have tried has really solved this. What the BLEEP should I do?”

You may have severe and long-term health problems,


several problems that annoy you occasionally,


one single health issue that you just keep tripping over.

Whatever the situation, if you are very interested in how you could get your body to recover from a health problem you have, here are some facts that you very much should know:

  1. Bodies are well-designed and extremely tough. If you have managed to break yours, it took a lot of stress to do this and usually over a long period of time.
    Symptoms are the final stage of your body’s system of dealing with stress or damage. Your body is designed to keep you alive. Back in prehistoric times, having a distracting symptom from a health problem would get you eaten by something hungry. Thus, your body was designed to HIDE symptoms as long as it possibly can. You can rock along happy and sassy, certain that you have no health problems (“and my doctor said my bloodwork is totally fine!”). This continues right up to the day your body runs out of ability to compensate for the stress. You wake up with your brand-new symptom and think it all started that morning (you might think, “What did I eat last night that made this happen?”). Not so. This symptom may have been developing for the last decade.
  2. Recovering from your health problem (the one that “just started” but has actually been invisibly getting worse for the past five or ten years) requires a lot more accuracy of testing and organization of treatment than you may realize.
    Because our current health care system aims mainly at symptom suppression, we have become accustomed to rapid relief. But the job of helping your body handle the cause of its problem and fully heal from long-term damage takes much more time, as well as accuracy of testing and understanding of solutions.
  3. Modern medicine, sanitation and food availability have made it much easier to survive on Earth over the past century.
    Over the same period, environmental toxicity, drugs, the de-nutritionization of food and an insanely stressful lifestyle have destroyed the quality of this longer lifespan. Yes, we may live longer, but most of us are pretty messed up physically.
  4. Getting really, stably healthy and staying that way does not happen without a very organized and well-executed long-term plan.
    There are too many factors dragging your health down daily to expect to stay healthy without a plan, much less to recover if your health is already damaged.
    If I sound too pessimistic, please look around you. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone without some type of chronic health problem. We have just become so used to this that we don’t find it remarkable or upsetting.

What to Do About It

EvecticsEvecticsSM is a systematic approach to solving health problems using exact combinations of natural therapies.

The goal of an EvecticsSM therapy program is to enable you to take control of your health and to be healthy in toxic and stressful world.

  • EvecticsSMcan help you to recover your health to a good condition if you have problems.
  • Once recovered, you will learn how to keep your body healthy. This is different for everyone as it depends on your genetics, history and existing damage.
  • Once you have learned the specific dietary and lifestyle habits you need to stay healthy, an EvecticsSMWellness Therapy Program will help you to avoid future problems:
    • Occasional testing to find developing health problems before a symptom develops and taking action to help your body recover.
    • Rapid response to any illness or injury to prevent any long-term problems.

How to Get Started!

I have developed a very efficient way to test a patient and develop an individualized health improvement program. It’s called an EvecticsSM Evaluation.

Call 770.612.1100 to make an appointment for your Evaluation. This consists of two hour-long visits which can be scheduled on two consecutive days in many cases.


Visit our website, AlternativeHealthAtlanta.com and click the “New Patients” menu button.

If you have questions or need information, please call Catherine, our New Patient Consultant at 770.612.1100. She has 10 years of experience with EvecticsSM therapy programs and can answer your questions.

The sooner you start taking effective action to improve your health, the sooner you can get your life back!

I look forward to helping you,

Dr. Melodie Billiot

Detoxification: A Very Different View

Detoxification is one of the most cherished tools used by many holistic or alternative healthcare practitioners. It’s an easy to understand concept: we live in a toxic environment, eat toxins in our food, slather toxic personal products on our skin and often take (very) toxic drugs, both for recreation and by prescription. So all this nasty stuff must build up and cause stress, malfunction and disease. Therefore, taking special supplements while eating and drinking specific foods over some period of time for the purpose of purging toxins from the body seems like a no-brainer.

Maybe it’s not that simple.

There are two opposing schools of thought about detoxification:
Traditional, Scientific Medical View: “Detoxing – the idea that you can flush your system of impurities and leave your organs squeaky clean and raring to go – is a scam. It’s a pseudo-medical concept designed to sell you things.” (theguardian.com)
Holistic, Alternative View: “Health isn’t possible with a toxic body, specific detoxes such as liver and colon cleanses are necessary.”

It’s been my experience that, as usual, both viewpoints have truths and falsehoods.

If detoxing was as simple as “eat this way and take these supplements to flush out these toxins,” then labs could be done to measure toxic loads before and after the detoxes to show how efficient the process was. Sadly, I have seen no credible information that “before and after” toxicity has ever been conclusively measured by a lab. I say “sadly,” because healthcare would be so much simpler if I could just detox all my patients into high states of health.

On the other hand, the idea that our bodies can stay perfectly healthy just by eating a standard American diet— while ingesting the non-food products sold in the middle isles of the supermarkets, all manner of drugs and chemicals (and worse) in the environment is even more ludicrous (this is the “accepted medical viewpoint”).

Detox Never Stops

balance-154516_960_720The health and function of your body can be compared to a scale: On one side is your body’s ability to function correctly and handle stress (such as toxins). On the other side is the total load of toxicity and lifestyle-induced stress. As long as your body can keep up and the scale stays tipped in the healthy direction, you will be fine. Other than some very specific situations (heavy metals, radiation, etc.) toxins really don’t load up in a body that is maintaining its health.

Where things go wrong is when the function of your body can’t keep up with the toxic and stress load you are giving it.

So truly, your body never stops detoxing, because in our current environment the toxins never stop getting into it! The trick is to get your body into a condition where it can “keep up” with the toxic load.

One disagreement I have with the “culture of detoxification” is that often people think they can detox once a year for a week or two as a substitute for a truly healthy lifestyle and effective therapy for their health problems. It’s not true!

Real Benefits of Detoxification Programs

A properly-done detox program has the effect of kicking off a long-term improvement in lifestyle and diet while addressing acute stress in the liver and digestive systems. While I may not be sold on the “Detox to be less toxic” bandwagon, I am very sold on proven and effective ways to improve function and reduce stress.

My favorite detox? It’s the Standard Process “Purification” program. This is a three-week program of diet improvements and whole-food supplements helped by daily smoothies made with whole food concentrates.
Does this “get out all the nasty toxins?” Probably not.
What it does with great efficiency for every patient I’ve ever put on the program is:

  • Better energy
  • Better sleep
  • Better digestion
  • Improved mental clarity

Often there are many other benefits, such as improved libido, improved skin, etc.
It works because doing the program can radically shift your personal “scale” toward the good side. Suddenly your body has a lot less stress and a lot more function. What does it do with this? It compensates better for stress and starts the healing process.

So you get the benefits that are touted for a “detox,” just for different reasons!

You Can’t Stop with the Detox

Let’s say you do a detox and feel lots better. Yea! But how long will this last?
Sadly, not long.

With no follow-up, it’s just like you washed your car. In a week you can’t tell it ever happened.

With the proper follow-up, however, it’s just the beginning of an entirely new level of life and health!

BUT: How do you know what to do for a follow-up?

  • Should you “eat healthy?” Well, sure, but what does that mean? And are there specific dietary recommendations that YOUR body needs?
  • Should you take supplements? Which ones? How do you know they’re correct? How do you know you don’t need more or less supplements?
  • Are there functional problems with your body that will override all efforts to maintain your health? This could be hormone problems, allergy problems, nervous system problems, etc. Do you need therapy for this type of issue? If so, what therapies and for how long?

I answer these questions for you in my blog post, “What the BLEEP Should I Do?” Read This Post HERE