Are You Sure You Know What an Allergy Looks Like?

Do you, a friend or family member have trouble with allergies? Sneezing is only one symptom of allergies

This article will give you a whole new viewpoint on this common health problem! You or someone you love can be  fully and accurately tested for allergies–absolutely painlessly, too! This test will let them know if they have allergies, what they’re sensitive to and what they can do to be free from allergic stress and the health problems caused by this forever.
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So what does an allergy look like? Have you been around someone with puffy red eyes, constant sneezing and they just look miserable? Did you think, “Wow, that person is really having a bad allergic reaction to something?” Those poor people suffering from allergies are easy to spot a mile away, aren’t they? But what if I told you that the majority of allergy sufferers aren’t so easy to spot? It’s true. And unfortunately many of them spend their lives suffering in silence.

  • Do you know some young person who is hyperactive, can’t stay focused or has a terrible time with school?
  • Someone who is over or under weight?
  • A child who is a very picky eater or a bed wetter?
  • Someone dealing with a chronic health issue that the doctors just can’t diagnose?

I would venture to say that you don’t normally relate these issues to allergies. However the chances are pretty high these people are having an allergic reaction to something.

Picky Eater, Hyperactive, school problems--can be signs of allergies Some children’s health problems are directly related to “silent allergies.”

We’re all too familiar with immediate allergic responses of itchy eyes, runny nose, hives, sneezing, etc. However, almost 60 million Americans suffer from allergies that don’t present these “allergic” symptoms immediately. These “hidden allergies” can be very devastating; changing someone’s quality of life drastically.

Both of these responses, however, can be handled so they are no longer a problem. But before I get into how we deal with them, let’s talk about why these responses occur.

Definition of an Allergy

An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity to one or more substances which may be harmless to the majority of other individuals. The allergic substance, known as an allergen, is viewed by the brain and nervous system as a threat to the body’s well-being. Therefore, for our purposes, an allergy is defined in terms of what a substance does to the communication flow in the body. When contact is made with an allergen, it disrupts the normal flow of communication through the nervous and hormone systems. Interference in communication between the brain and body occurs when a communication flow becomes blocked. This blocked flow is the first step in a chain of events which can develop into an allergic response.

All substances on this earth have energy, whether it is a living organism or a nonliving object. In the human body, these energies are either compatible or adverse. When you are exposed to a compatible energy attraction takes place–harmony occurs! When adverse energies are introduced repulsion occurs. Your body fights these adverse energies. Keep in mind, though, that you are not exposed to only one energy at a time. You are exposed to hundreds of them from everything you come into contact with daily. So while your body is trying to defend itself from an adverse energy in one area, the chances are good that there are others in other parts of your body under attack as well. If your defense fails, it can cause any weakened communication pathway to become blocked.

If you are continually subjected to adverse energies, your communication pathways remain blocked all the time. The continuous blockage causes poor body function. When the brain is not able to coordinate with the vital organs, physiological functions are impaired. Poor function of the organs due to lack of good communication can create toxic buildup. The list of health issues presented when this occurs is long, but I’ll give you some examples:

  • The network of the nervous system: poor memory, brain fog, insomnia, hyperactivity…
  • The respiratory system: shortness of breath, sinus trouble, asthma, pneumonia…
  • The circulatory system: high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, varicose veins, atherosclerosis…
  • The gastrointestinal system: inability to absorb nutrients, indigestion, over or under weight, high cholesterol, diabetes, IBS, ulcers, fatigue, body aches…
  • The urinary system: water retention, frequent urination, sluggish kidney function…
  • The reproductive system: poor sexual function, infertility, menopausal disorders, tumors, cysts…
  • The joints, muscles, ligaments: arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle aches, spasms, joint problems, eczema, rashes, warts, rough skin…

Do You Suspect that You or Someone You Love Has Allergies?

So now you know that “typical” signs of an allergic reaction do not need to be present for someone to be allergic, and that those silent allergies are quite possibly the cause of many health problems. Can you or your loved ones be suffering from allergies? Imagine how much your or their health could improve if you knew the answer to that… and what to do about it!

So, consider this: If you or they are experiencing any of the health issues I’ve listed above, chances are very good that allergies are involved. And then ask yourself, “Are things happening that just don’t make sense to me?” Such as:

  • Symptoms are so disconnected with each other that the doctors can’t diagnose the problem.
  • Lab tests come back normal, or don’t support the complaints.
  • A situation where the normal treatment isn’t producing the expected recovery, for example, high blood pressure medicine is prescribed but blood pressure readings are still dangerously high. If you’ve read this entire article, you now have an idea why this might be!
  • The suggested medical treatment for your problem is unacceptable to you—your hyperactive child is prescribed psychotropic drugs that will only mask the problem, you are recommended for a hysterectomy, gall bladder, back surgery or drugs with dangerous side effects.

One final note that I’d like to make is that food is not the only culprit. Remember that all living and nonliving things have energy, so:

Anything under the sun, including the sun, can be an allergen.

What’s Next?

The good news is that when the communication pathways are restored, the vital organs resume their routine work. The brain and body will remove any toxic buildup through the body’s natural elimination pathways. You will get back into balance and your health issues will resolve.

Unblocking those communication pathways is one of the things we do best at Alternative Health Atlanta. We can desensitize you to the allergens that are ruining your health. That’s exciting, isn’t it? I think it is pretty awesome to see someone’s life change. So let me tell you about a couple of my patients!

Kiara – Severe Allergic Reactions

Kiara, a young woman, had severe life-threatening allergies to peanuts and shrimp most of her life– just touching them would trigger a dangerous response. She had been in the emergency room a number of times.

We helped her body to stop misidentifying those harmless items as toxic. After which, being understandably anxious, she still avoided those items at all cost. After great encouragement, she decided that at one of her visits to the clinic she would “test” to see if she truly had been desensitized to the offending items. She brought in a bag of the “nasty stuff” as she called it. Under supervision, and with epi-pen on hand, she ate the peanut and held the shrimp. To her amazement she had no reaction. She cried that day, well to be truthful we all teared up. It was very moving and exciting!

Sam – a “Troubled Youth”

Then there is Sam, who was labeled by the school district as “a troubled youth.” He had undergone a professional psychiatric evaluation and was given the labels of ADHD, bipolar, OCS and ODS. Medications were recommended. He also behaved badly at home, and his mom was at her wits end.

When he came to us he was doing poorly in school; he couldn’t sit still in class. We modified his diet and started him on an allergy desensitization program, as he was allergic to everything we tested—at least 20 of the common allergens!

A few months later in the following school year, his first semester grades showed a huge improvement! He received A’s, B’s and C’s. At the end of the second semester he had straight A’s. During his individualized education planning meeting his mom learned that he scored 133 out of 100 on his sensory processing. Mom said the school panel was baffled. He also scored at or above grade level on all other tests and his GCRCT (Georgia’s standardized testing) came back EXCEEDS in every subject. With the psychiatric re-evaluation that occurred recently all his ADHD, bipolar, OCD and ODS LABELS WERE REMOVED.

Sam went from a “troubled kid” to a highly-functioning student! Needless to say, Sam is quite happy these days and his mom is beaming with pride.

Curious to find out more about allergies?

We can help with chronic health issues. Find out if you or someone you care about has allergies and whether communication pathways have become blocked because of it. We’re making it super easy for you to do just that. All you need to do is make an appointment for an initial health evaluation:

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