Health and Getting Stuff Done

Health and Getting Stuff Done

What’s Health? Health Survey

Most people would define health as “the absence of any disease or impairment.”

This definition seems so obvious you might wonder why I’d bring it up at all. It’s like stating that the definition of dark is an absence of light. But this seemingly obvious definition of health could be causing a lot of trouble in your life and our society.

Expanding this definition of health can be an enlightening way to look at and take control of your entire life.

HEALTH: the expanded definition:

Health: Your body’s contribution to your ability to physically and mentally make your decisions and plans into reality.

Your body is like a tool that you use to operate in the world. It’s the interface between what you desire or decide to do and that action getting done.

Good health means that you can get stuff done that matters to you.

  • Good health means you think clearly.
  • Your emotions are under your control, and you have better relationships.
  • You are not worrying about your health!
  • You have the energy, stamina, and concentration to handle your life without being overwhelmed.

Poor health means that you either have to struggle to accomplish anything or can’t get stuff done at all. Poor health can mean you live less.


These questions can help you see how your health is possibly affecting everything in your life. I designed the survey to show improvement or worsening conditions across the different areas of your life. Your health certainly isn’t the only factor in these questions, but it is often a decisive one.

At the end of the survey, you can get a score.

Health Survey

  • After you submit your form, scroll back down to the form to view your score.

How can you use this information?

Changing your definition of health is just the first step. The next step is realizing that your new definition has opened the door to possibly improving your life for the rest of your life.

Health as absence of disease definition: “If I’m healthy, I won’t have pain.”

Health as your body contributing to your life definition: “If I improve my health, I can accomplish my life goals and purposes. I can possibly even expand my goals and do more than I’ve dreamed.”

Negative gains

The old definition of health involves getting rid of things (pain, fatigue, brain fog) that you didn’t want in the first place. The benefits of getting rid of stuff you don’t want are called negative gains.

The new definition of health opens the door to positive gains. Positive gains are thinking more clearly, having abundant energy, and maintaining emotional stability when others get rattled. Positive gains are liking and respecting your body and using it to challenge yourself in activities you enjoy.

You forget the benefits of negative gains quickly. In no time, you don’t even remember the pain you used to have. It’s like your car breaking down: at the moment it’s crucial, but shortly after it’s fixed, you don’t remember it happened.

The benefits from positive gain are lifelong, and you never forget them because you never stop using them and adding to them.

The limits of medicine

Medicine specializes in curing disease, which is negative gain. Because medicine is the most prevalent health care in our society, people often think of “poor health” as something they want to get rid of (a disease or symptom) and “good health” as simply not having the diseases and symptoms that they want to be gone.

The medical domination of the subject of health has blinded many people to greater possibilities.

Medicine won’t create a state of improving your life and making your decisions and plans into reality. To accomplish this, you’ll have to approach health care from an entirely new angle.

A new angle

Medicine works ON your body to cure disease.

My approach to health, called EvecticsSM, works WITH your body to help it become more able to repair and heal itself.

EvecticsSM is a continuous process of recovering health and then improving it. It is based on many forms of testing, individual, and teaches you how to improve YOUR body’s health specifically.

The goal of an EvecticsSM health improvement program is:

Patients whose bodies are no longer a problem in their lives, continuing to improve their health

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