Participatory Medicine

Stubborn mule

What would you do if you discovered that your best friend or a member of your family had a serious health problem, but were unwilling to do anything about it?

Unfortunately, I know a lot of people reading this are trying to answer this question right now. And others may BE the person who is unwilling to get treatment for their condition. This is a very common problem.

There are rational, logical reasons a person might refuse care:

  1. They believe the “cure” is worse than the disease (for example, lifetime drugs for blood pressure or cancer treatment).
  2. They believe the “cure” won’t really work, and that no effective treatment exists (in many cases, this can be true).
  3. They believe that though there may be a solution to their problem, this solution will be so difficult, lengthy and expensive that it is impossible.

Sometimes there’s false or missing information that needs to be cleared up to get the person the help they need. Often however, they may be right about why they are refusing treatment!

If you want to help this person, there is one approach that may work… to help them agree to get help as well as to successfully resolve their problem: Participatory Medicine.

Participatory Medicine takes the approach that a patient is ultimately responsible for their own heath, and that in most cases of chronic health problems (not emergencies) the patient has a much greater power to assist their own healing than to rely entirely on traditional medical treatment to “fix” their condition.

Let me rephrase this more clearly: Done correctly and with the right technology, a person can successfully recover from many conditions that might otherwise be very unlikely. People who refuse medical treatment may be able to happily recover their health— by doing much of the therapy themselves.

An EvecticsSM therapy program uses this approach. A patient is educated to do as much as possible to relieve stress on the areas causing their problems, while at the same time I utilize a powerful program of natural therapy developed individually from testing and labs.  For over 20 years I’ve seen this system routinely help people who had all but given up on solving their health problems.

What’s the first thing to do?

If you’d like to help a friend or family member with a health problem, the first step would be to test them and find out what is causing their body to malfunction.

To get started, they can:

  1. Call us at 770-612-1100 to make an appointment. Tell them to mention your name to receive a large discount on their initial visits.
  2. Request an appointment on our website:
  3. Take an online test, submit it and receive a free phone consultation with a doctor on their test results. After this, they can schedule an appointment to get tested.
  4. Come with you to an appointment! Just bring them in with you to meet us, get some information and decide how to proceed. Just give us a head’s up so we make sure to have a little extra time to talk with your friend.

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