Safe Healthy Solutions to Depression

The Gut-Brain connection

Have you ever heard it said that the root of disease starts in the stomach? It is true that the gut is the key or in many cases the cause behind the onset of many disease processes. The digestive system and the ecology of those organs can determine the health or ill health of our bodies. The gut has been called the “second brain” and can create a number of unwanted physical and emotional effects in our lives. I have been reading this week on the connection of our finely balanced digestive systems and our brains.

If you are depressed or sad and lacking motivation you may be having gut issues. Did you know that the essential nutrients needed to manufacture the correct neurotransmitters that can help us sleep and feel happiness have to be absorbed from the gut? If your gut cannot absorb nutrients, you may not sleep well or feel well.

I worked with a patient recently who is depressed and exhausted daily. When we tested her we found that she had very little enzyme or probiotic activity in her body. Without a healthy gut ecology many illnesses can begin. Do you LOVE sugar and breads? Eating these things have been shown to not only contribute to overgrowth of harmful bacteria and other microbes but it can contribute to wide blood sugar swings that can affect our moods.

The woman we tested recently felt so tired and bad the only things she was consuming on a daily basis were candy and sugar drinks which made her “feel good” for a few minutes after which she would CRASH! This cycle would go on everyday and she is gaining weight and feeling horrible increasingly. But what to do with the cravings?? During her visit we desensitized her to sugar! This helps the body deal with the overuse of sugar that many of us have had in our lives and helps the body to react less strongly to the substance.

This is a painless, powerful acupressure technique that helps the body balance and deal with sensitivities. We have found that clinically it helps tremendously with cravings. In addition to this we got her on a simple diet of small protein meals with balanced vegetable and fruit and a couple of delicious smoothies to keep that blood sugar balanced throughout the day.

We used a fabulous product called Gymnema that helps to balance blood sugars. This wonderful lady was feeling so much better after just 2 days! She had the energy to go shopping for healthy food and to prepare it. And even better, SHE WAS NOT DEPRESSED! One of the body’s ways of communicating with us is to be sad. When we are exhausted physically it is very hard for our bodies to want to jump up and run around shopping or working in the yard or exercising. One of the signs of body being exhausted is depression. Sometimes when the thyroid or adrenals are fatigued the body just directs itself to shut down. We can often experience this as depression.

We have some “happy” supplements that we use to engage the body in it’s own healing process and in many cases, putting back in nutrients and essential minerals into a depleted body can make a body and you HAPPY again!

So natural solutions to depression:

  1. Eat regular protein meals in relationship to your body weight and caloric needs
  2. Avoid sugar
  3. Get evaluated for specific deficiencies both vitamin and mineral
  4. Get tested for adrenal and thyroid stress or fatigue
  5. Get tested for enzymes and probiotics to help your gut be healthy
  6. Listen to your body—If you are tired or depressed, find the CAUSE and fix it

You probably do not have a deficiency of Prozac or other anti-depressant drug. Your body is trying to tell you something.  Look for the CAUSES of health issues. There may also be more and deeper health issues surrounding your depression.  Find a caring alternative health care provider to help you.  If you have a medical problem make sure you seek competent medical help. You may need in depth testing and a more complete program to get you to your goals.  I have spent the better part of my life studying and learning how to help the body using safe drug-free alternatives. You can get your health back. You can be happy and healthy. If I can help you please let me know. 

Find Out How to Get Help with your Health:

Would you please take five minutes to fill out a health assessment survey and send it to me? I’ll call you for a phone consult and discuss what could be done about your health. It’s complimentary, no strings attached. Either I can help you or point you in the right direction to get help. Don’t give up! You can recover your health if you persist.

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