I Hate It, But It Keeps Coming Back

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You have a health problem that goes away and then comes back. You may have an idea what triggers it… or not.

But you should know that almost certainly you have read or been told information about your health problems that is far from accurate. So much so, that until you discover the truth and change your approach you are unlikely to ever see your problems resolve.

In this one post, I believe I can change forever your understanding of why you have these problems, give you vital information on what you can do about them and in many cases, put you on the road to improving your own condition.

Many people with recurring problems do a great job of ignoring them. If you can’t do much about something, why get upset about it?
Except for those times when you can’t ignore it, then you know it’s very real and that you will be dealing with it for as long as it lasts.

  • You may know it when you try to get up in the morning. It’s that awful, heavy, no-energy feeling like you never went to bed. Or the dream of pain in your head or your back or your neck that you wake to find is real, severe and not going away anytime soon.
  • It’s the bloating or sharp chest pain from heartburn that lets you know you didn’t get away with eating that slice of pizza.
  • It’s the realization that your cycle is happening… again… two weeks after the last one ended.

Whatever your problem, when it’s happening to you, your life is going to suffer to some degree.

What “Everybody Knows” that keeps your health problems coming back:

It’s likely you have experience or information that explains to you why your problem happens:

  • My asthma is triggered by mold
  • My headaches are triggered by stress
  • My allergies are triggered by pollen
  • My back pain is triggered by “throwing my back out”
  • My depression is from chemical imbalances in my brain

What’s yours caused by? Or do you not know why it happens?

Actually it doesn’t matter if you know what the cause of your problem is or not, because in almost every case what you know is inaccurate, and (if you still have the problem) is not helping you to recover.

An Example: You keep blowing fuses in your house and having your lights go out. You believe that the cause of the lights going out is the fuse. Man, that is hard to argue with! When you replace the fuse, everything comes back on! When it blows, all the lights go out. It MUST BE caused by the fuse!

The electrician in a white coat with a volt meter draped around his neck tells  you, “Our tests show that you have a weak fuse which then blows. This is why your kitchen lights go out.” This is called a “diagnosis.”

You ask, “Well, OK, but why does the fuse blow?” The electrician answers, “It could be genetics. Houses built by the construction company that built your house often have blown fuses. It could also be that your house was built before 1970, and age is a known fuse-blowing risk factor.”

You then ask, “What can you do to cure this problem?” The electrician says, “I am going to prescribe a much larger fuse.”
This sounds dangerous to you, but you think the electrician is the expert. Plus, two of your friends have had larger fuses prescribed and they seem OK.

So you take your prescription to the hardware store and get a larger fuse. You think, “The cause of my problem was the fuse.”

The real reason you have a health problem is because your body can’t heal it, not because of the trigger that caused the symptom.

Your body was designed to heal itself.

PROOF: Bodies were originally designed back before civilization. There have been no body-updates since then. At that time, there were certainly no doctors and if a body was to survive it had to do so using only it’s own healing capacity. The design must have worked, because we’re still here!

Here on Earth, there are a lot of hazards and sources of stress, injury and illness. If you live on Earth, your body will get injured and sick from time to time. Therefore, you should never be particularly surprised when you find you have a symptom of some kind.
And, if your body succeeds in healing the problem in a reasonable amount of time and that symptom vanishes, you would not consider that you had a health problem.

So you see, it’s only what your body fails to heal that causes you real problems. It’s the health problems that keep coming back or never go away that make it much more difficult to be successful in enjoying your life and achieving your goals.

The Logic that you can use to recover your health and stop your problems from coming back:

  1. Your body was designed to heal itself, and therefore is trying to do this.
  2. You have long-term problems that should have healed by now, therefore your body is being stopped in its efforts to heal.
  3. You need to know answers to TWO QUESTIONS in order to resolve this situation: ONE: What is preventing your body from healing itself as it was designed to do?  TWO: What could be done that would be effective in assisting your body to get “over the hump” and back to healing itself?
  4. Guessing the answers to questions ONE and TWO is like trying to win the lottery ten times in a row. There are simply too many possibilities.
  5. Thinking that you can figure out the answers to ONE and TWO from your symptoms is exactly the same as diagnosing the electrical problems in your house only by examining that blown fuse. The information you need just can’t be found in that fuse.
  6. Your body is run by an “on-board intelligence” that operates it so you don’t have to. This intelligence digests your food, grows your hair… and is how your body heals itself as well. This intelligence is the only entity that can answer questions ONE and TWO, as who else could possibly know?

To succeed in recovering your health, you must answer ONE and TWO correctly, and then apply the answer to TWO in your life so that your body heals.

To recap:
The first question to answer is, “Why is my body not healing itself as it was designed to do?” (not “What is the cause of my symptom?”)

The second question would be, “What could I do to assist my body to overcome the barriers to healing that would be effective?”

The answer to both questions can be found in EvecticsSM

There is a very organized, logical technology to answering both of these questions. It uses effective testing techniques to answer both of these questions BEFORE beginning any therapy.

The motto of this approach is, “Know before you go” not “Try and see what happens.”
If you think that this sounds like a new approach to healthcare, you would be correct.
It’s called EvecticsSM (e VEC tics).

Here is an example of results obtainable from EvecticsSM:

Two sizes smaller in pants, shirts and belts in just eight weeks is not only great, but considering that in the last ten years I couldn’t lose even a pound by starving myself, I would say this qualifies as a small miracle. Weight loss so far: 53 pounds!
More than that: My nails don’t crack, I sleep twice as many hours, daily headaches and numbness in my arms are almost gone.  I’m not likely to fall asleep just talking to you anymore. Sure helps at work!
My knees, back and neck hurt less and losing all that weight allows me to move better, fit into restaurant booths and chairs in general.
The food I’m eating is great, I never feel hungry and I’m eating better and enjoying it more. CAN YOU BELIEVE NO SODAS IN OVER FIVE WEEKS.
I don’t know what else will happen before I’m done, but I’m looking forward to life thanks to Alternative Health Atlanta and all the doctors and staff.      —S.H.

Here’s How to Get YOUR Two Correct Questions Answered:

Every patient we see is different, and symptoms that might be similar from patient to patient can be caused by completely different stresses.

The only way to determine if you could be helped by EvecticsSM is for you to get tested and evaluated at the Alternative Health Atlanta clinic. Once this has been done, the doctor can make a recommendation based on knowledge from tests rather than guessing.

How to Get Tested:

Call 770.612.1100 and speak with our New Patient Coordinator to make an appointment.
Reply to this Email and request that our New Patient Coordinator call you. Please remember to give us your phone number!
Go to this link to request an appointment on our website.  https://alternativehealthatlanta.com/schedule-initial-visit/

Right now, take of the above actions to get yourself tested. Read about some of the experiences our patients have had in their own words. There are about 800 stories in 35 categories on the website). https://alternativehealthatlanta.com/testimonials/

To make this even easier, I will reduce the cost of your initial testing by half.
Your initial testing consists of two visits of an hour each, the first one for the testing and the second for a consultation and explanation of what was found. The normal fee for this service is $170, but if you will use the code EVECTICS when you call or email, I will reduce this to $85.

I look forward to meeting you, and to finding the answers to your “two correct” questions!

Dr. Melodie Billiot

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Basics of Healing

Structure and FunctionA treatment can help you to feel better now… but education to learn how to help your body heal and stay healthy lasts you for the rest of your life. Following is some of the most important information you could know to help you heal faster and stay healthy longer.

Structure and Function

“Daddy, how does my body heal when I get sick?”
Imagine having to try to answer that question in depth! Very few people can. And not knowing the answer can cause you a lot of trouble:

  1. You won’t really know if what your doctor is telling you is valid or not.
  2. You can’t take effective action that you know will help your body to heal; you have to rely on the opinions of “experts” who don’t have all the specifics of your condition.
  3. You won’t know if your diet and lifestyle are helping or hurting your health.

What people most need to understand about their bodies are the basics of healing. You could call this “Understanding my Body 101.”

Here is my first installment of this series, “Understanding Structure and Function”

Your body exists on two different planes:
Structure: The physical part of your body, made up from cells and the material in between the cells. This is the part of your body that you can see.

Function: The intelligence and information that operates the body’s structure. You could think of this as the function of the nervous system and hormone system, since these control the tissue of your body by following the commands coming from your body’s intelligence.

An example of Function and Structure: If you use a business as an analogy, the STRUCTURE would be the business’s building, the desks, pencils and any equipment. The business’s FUNCTION would be the strategic planning, information on how to create the products, training the staff had about their jobs, etc.

  • If you burned down the building and destroyed the structure, then the function (the founder, executives, staff and the business information) could recreate the structure and the business could resume operation.
  • On the other hand, if you eliminated all the function (fired all the staff and executives, shredded all the files and sent the founder of the business on a permanent trip to Tahiti), you’d be left with a building containing a bunch of used furniture and equipment… but the business would be gone.

You can see from this example that FUNCTION monitors and controls STRUCTURE, not the other way around.

This is critical information in healthcare, because medicine operates by using drugs and surgery to change STRUCTURE with the hope of fixing FUNCTIONAL problems. This works in short-term emergency situations where the function is largely undisturbed and the damage is mainly structural (trauma, for example). It does not work for chronic (long-term) illness and conditions where the problem is mainly functional and structural damage is DUE TO FUNCTIONAL FAILURES.

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Learn about the causes of anxiety and depression, what you can do to reduce your suffering RIGHT NOW and how you can eliminate these problems from your life.

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  • Weekly blog posts with vital tips and warnings
  • Interesting “pass it along” health facts
  • Cutting edge natural healing techniques and advice
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