My Coronavirus Plan that is Making Me Happy:

I know it’s probably bad form to have any happiness right now, but thinking about how I can make a difference in my patient’s lives while they weather this crisis DOES make me happy!

Here’s my plan:

Create a safe clinic so patients can come in, be relaxed, and improve their health.

Doing this stressed me out at first. There was so much to do and so little guidance. Now that it’s done, I feel so much better, and I know that everything that could make my patients and staff safer is being done.

Continue to improve the health of every patient— despite the disruption.

I’ve been practicing for 27 years, but the stakes have never been higher. I know that every week that my patients complete on their treatment programs makes them a little safer. I understand that each new patient that starts a program goes from getting worse to starting to improve. A healing, improving body naturally resists illness, whereas a body that is getting worse is a magnet for trouble.

Create immune-boost supplement programs for patients and also for their families who aren’t patients.

The research is rolling in on supplements that improve the immune system generally and specifically for corona-type viruses. But what will work depends a lot on the person and what their strengths and weaknesses are. I’ve been able to put together groups of supplements to boost immunity, and even more importantly, I have found available sources of these supplements that are the highest quality.

Create a full-service online practice that includes supplement and diet consulting and acupressure treatments that are done at home to keep all my patients improving when they can’t leave home.

Whether you could or should leave your house has become unpredictable. Also, some of my patients should stay home, period. Also, we aren’t allowing patients with any kind of illness into the building. My responsibility is to continue to help my patients keep their health improving and thus be resistant to infection— no matter what. Thankfully, I have been researching how to do acupressure treatments using homeopathic patches for several years. I worked out the final details over the weekend and plan to “go live” as early as next week.

My purpose is to help my patients to have better lives, and with my “happy plan” I can continue to do this despite the insanity.

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