Dr. Billiot’s Personal Safety Rules

  1. Wash hands a lot.
  2. Keep hand sanitizer, wipes and gloves in the car (all needed for grocery shopping).
  3. No one comes in the house unless it’s essential (the plumber!) and not until I’ve questioned them on the phone: “Are you or have you been ill recently? Is anyone in your family ill? Are you coughing? Have you or your family traveled recently? Have you or your family had any exposure to the virus?”
  4. Wipe down the car interior “touchables” regularly and wear gloves when gassing up.
  5. Grocery shopping:
    • Best to use pickup or delivery service.
    • Go to the store and look: if it’s crowded, come back later.
    • Wear gloves.
    • Use self-checkout to stay away from other people.
    • At home, wipe everything down before putting it away (soap and water work fine, you don’t need disinfectant). Remember that all the veggies and fruits have been touched and squeezed—Wash them! Cardboard is almost as bad as plastic and steel for hosting the virus, so clean the boxes as well.
    • When you’re back at your car after shopping, pull your debit or credit card out and wipe it before you forget.

Watch this video for a seven-minute explanation of how to assist your body in healing itself.