Dr. Billiot’s Coronavirus Family Policies

I have found it very helpful to put some order into my family life to counter the overwhelming upset and confusion. By following these rules, we all feel safe and more in control. I recommend this for every family!

  • Everyone gets a temperature check each morning. Anything more than 99.6 would mean that person gets quarantined to a room.
  • All of us are taking immune supplements daily, along with our regular supplement programs.
  • We are reducing our exposure to infection by using online or pick up grocery shopping. If we can’t do this, then we restrict shopping to one trip to the grocery store per week instead of several. We bring wipes to the store and wear gloves. Other than the grocery store, we don’t get out much!
  • We’re keeping wipes, hand sanitizer and gloves in each car.
  • Hand washing rules: Wash hands after restroom use, after playing with pets, before eating and after going out in public places.
  • Everyone does exercise of some kind. I’ve been doing online yoga. I’ve seen a lot of free online exercise classes from gyms, the Y, yoga and Pilates studios. Walking is also great. We walk our dogs and cat every day (it’s weird, but our cat loves to come along on the dog walks, highly amuses our neighbors).
  • Self-care is important for everyone as well. When we’re this busy at the clinic, it’s easy to fall into a work-work-work pattern. If you can’t work, it’s easy to fall into a monotony of TV or internet browsing. We all need to do something that is important to us: reading, writing, art, music, whatever you do for you.
  • We have a family chart on the fridge where each person marks off each daily activity. The chart keeps our attention on the important things we need to keep doing.

Took all their supplements


Slept 8 hours

Self-Care (did something just for themselves)

Create Things (art, music, writing, flower arranging, gardening, etc.)

Avoid stressful media and people

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