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What is a CSA? Why Should I join?

Community-Shared Agriculture (CSA) can be thought of as “subscription farming.” You buy a subscription from a local farmer and you receive a share of the bounty! At its inception the subscriptions were limited to produce, now many farms offer meat, eggs, honey, and homemade goods. Read more about joining one and what farms participate here in Georgia.


What Does an Allergy Look Like?   Do you, a friend or family member have trouble with allergies? This article will give you a whole new viewpoint on this common health problem! You or someone you love can be fully and accurately tested for allergies–and absolutely painlessly too! This test will let them know if they have allergies, what they’re sensitive to and what they can do to be free from allergic stress and the health problems caused by this forever.

Food Choices

Mediterranean-Type Diet curb your sugar & carbohydrate cravings

What’s wrong with eating sugar? (a look at how our body handles—or doesn’t handle—sugar, and how much sugar a typical American eats in one day.)

Eat your Protein! Stay Healthy! This article discusses why we need protein, what protein really is and how much we need to consume on a daily basis.

Nutritional Challenges of Vegetarianism As much as vegetarians want to be healthy, they can have some major challenges, especially if you don’t know about combining foods to make a complete protein. This is a must read for all vegetarians/vegans.

Soy is Not Your Friend All the hype about soy and its health benefits is simply not true. You are being misled. If you eat soy and soy products, please read this article and the others linked from it. You’ll be glad you did!

Fantastic and Incredible Fats, We Need Them! (Part 1 of 2) Explains how our body uses fats to keep us healthy. Also helps identifying all the different types of fats and why we need to eat them all, even saturated fat!

Good Fats Gone Bad (Part 2 of 2) Explains how fats become damaged and why we need to balance fats properly.

Fat Dietary Guidelines Here’s a summary of “eat this, not that” on fat.

Immune System

Sugar and Your Immune System cold and flu season help

Sugar: The Silent Battle Within  (Slideshow) It tastes so good! Why is it so bad?

Should You Get the Flu Shot? Information to Help You Decide

Immune Boosting Diet Tips

Immune Health Kit


How to Get More Omega 3 Into Your Diet Great recipes and tips.

Gluten and Refined Sugar Free Lime & Coconut Cupcakes Doesn’t taste gluten free!

Vitamins & Minerals

Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins (learn the truth here) Using Chromatograms to Visualize the Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Vitamins and Food Products – very cool images!

Synthetic vs Natural Studies Excerpts from early scientific studies and doctors.

General Health

Stress Busting Tips