Worried About Your Health? Maybe You Should Be!

Worried About Your Health? Maybe You Should Be!

We’ve all had the upsetting experience of someone close to us getting a scary diagnosis or having a health emergency.

Maybe you have a symptom that you’re worried might be the first sign of a serious problem, or you’re concerned because of diseases that run in your family. Maybe you are a member of a high-risk group (obese, past, or present smoker, diabetic, etc.) and are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

If you’ve been worried that you don’t know whether you’ll stay healthy or not, there’s an excellent reason for you to feel this way:

Most developing health problems are being deliberately hidden from you!

No, not by any nefarious person or organization. The culprit is your own body design.

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You Have the Same Body as a Caveman

OK, maybe a cavewoman. Bodies haven’t been updated or redesigned for roughly 200,000 years. We’re still on version 1.0. Back in those early days, there were no doctors, so anything that went wrong just had to get better on its own.

Having a symptom was very dangerous. If Joe Caveman had migraines, he’d either starve because he wasn’t able to hunt or gather, or he’d be distracted by his pain and gobbled up by something hungry and/or bashed in by a rival caveman (woman).

To improve survival, Nature designed bodies to hide symptoms for as long as possible.

That was all fine back then, but this is still how your body behaves 2,000 centuries later!

Your body can hide symptoms of a developing problem for over a decade, keeping you comfortable (and hiding the problem from your PCP in all those checkups as well).

Then, you experience some stress that causes your body to lose control (or it just runs out of resources) and you develop a symptom or disease.

You and your doctor think this just happened when actually it’s been in the making for over a decade!

Why Conventional Medicine Can’t Cure Your Problems

“Chronic” (ongoing or repeating) problems arise when your body’s ability to maintain and heal becomes compromised, and may start a decade before you experience your first symptom.

These problems are so complex that there is no conventional medical cure. Doctors can only attempt to manage your symptoms with long-term drugs.

The one entity that exists which does know the origin and solution to these problems would be your body. Your body is also designed to repair itself.

So, your body is the only qualified “doctor” that could possibly solve your health problems.

I understand how it feels to suffer from unsolvable health issues. It was my own frightening health experiences that inspired our mission.

For 29 years, we have helped over 10,000 patients resolve stressful problems and regain control of their lives and health.

You’ve been through a lot. It’s time to address everything with a new approach that gives you back your health the the control of your body.

FAQ’s on Health:

  1. Q: Young people are healthy, mostly, aren’t they? A: Those “immortally healthy” 20 and 30-somethings you see eating junk, drinking too much and burning the candle at both ends: Their bodies are hiding the effects. Sadly, if you revisit them in 10 or 20 years, you’ll likely find them exhausted and on multiple prescriptions.
  2. Q: If you have several health problems, does this mean that your body can no longer hide symptoms from you? A: NO. There are probably more problems that your body is dealing with and hiding from you that you have no idea about.
  3. Q: WAIT! You’re telling me that I can feel totally healthy but I’m really not? A: I’m telling you that you have no way of knowing the condition of your health unless you get tested correctly, because your body isn’t going to tell you until it’s too late.
  4. Q: But aren’t most people really pretty healthy? A: Six in ten adults in the US have a chronic disease and four in ten adults have two or more. Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. They are also the leading drivers of the nation’s $3.5 trillion in annual health care costs. –CDC (link is to CDC website)
  5. Q: So, you’re just doom and gloom, everyone is sick? A: I’m realistically looking at an incredibly toxic and stressful environment that continues to get worse. Already more than half the population is diagnosed as chronically ill. My idea is that if we recognize the problem, it’s possible to live a lifestyle that helps your body become healthy enough to withstand the environmental stress.
  6. Q: It’s possible then to live in a way that keeps me healthy for the rest of my life DESPITE these odds? A: YES, EXACTLY!