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Cause and Effect

ALERT: This is an in-depth accurate analysis to determine possible causes for health issues using symptoms from multiple areas of your body. It will take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete and submit. The test isn’t a “formula” that can be graded by a computer program. Instead, a licensed practitioner will call you to go over your test results in detail (no cost or obligation).

If you are frustrated by a health problem, you will certainly get actual answers and direction by taking this test and having a consultation.

Test is Easy! Takes just 10 minutes. Find the cause of your health issues.


*Free consult is limited to those who live or work in the Greater Atlanta area.

Anxiety and Depression


 Anxiety, Worry & Depression


Learn about the causes of anxiety and depression, what you can do to reduce your suffering RIGHT NOW and how you can eliminate these problems from your life.

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