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About the Speakers…

All the practitioners at Alternative Health Atlanta are entertaining, energetic and inspiring speakers.

Their talks are down-to-earth with easy-to-understand terminology that helps even the most non-medical person understand how the body reacts to food, stress and the environment as well as how you can help your body maintain vibrant good health.

The concepts in these talks are unconventional yet powerful.Think about this…

Your body is alive and intelligent. How much time have you spent today controlling your own blood pressure or digesting your own food? Your body does this for you, just as it knew how to create itself originally from two cells. This same intelligence is responsible for healing your body, and if you are not healing, your body knows exactly why not.

Our speakers demonstrate how to discover this information directly from the body’s own intelligence. Discover how to find the true causes of health problems, directly from the source! Dr. Billiot speaks from her experience as a holistic practitioner since 1994. She is an engaging, energetic speaker sharing expert advice on nutrition, healthy living, dealing with stress and healing naturally. She explains how your body is talking to you, how you can listen and what to do about it.

If you need a program or speaker for your group that will motivate your members to attend and keep them talking about the event for weeks, you should give us a call!

Suggested Free Seminar Topics

Our practitioners enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience on how the body works, how it talks to you and how you can listen, and what you can do about it. The information provided in these talks show how you can naturally heal your own body, provides you with sound nutritional advice and shows you how food impacts the inner workings of your body. This information introduces you to the tools and information you need to live a vibrant, healthy life. Some specific topics that we have presented are:

  • Female hormone concerns, PMS, post menopausal issues and HRT
  • Fertility issues
  • Health and overall wellness
  • Diet and detox facts and fiction
  • Alternative healthcare and what this means for you
  • How to shop & eat healthy
  • Children’s health issues, such as ADHD, and what can be done
  • Allergies both food and environmental-how to decrease your sensitivities
  • Thyroid and metabolic concerns
  • Cardiovascular health
  • The relationship of stress to our level of health
  • The body talks, what is it saying and how can you listen
  • …and any other health topics that your particular group may need

Location of Talks

We can speak at your group’s location or we are happy to host your meeting at our facility, which is conveniently located at Windy Hill and I-75 in Marietta. We supply the room for up to 25 and even light refreshments if you would like.

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You can contact us by calling 770-937-9200 or by submitting the request form above. An Alternative Health Atlanta staff member will contact you to finalize the details.