Health Problems We’ve Seen Resolved

Health Problems We’ve Seen Resolved

Who Are Our Patients?

Patients usually come to us as a last resort. As you might expect, most people go to a medical doctor when they have a health problem, often with successful results. It’s only after realizing (often after a long and frustrating effort) that their problems are not going to resolve with more drugs and surgeries, and that the overall situation has done nothing but worsen under medical care that people begin to look for an alternative.

Patients who are told by their doctors that “nothing is wrong” even though they have severe symptoms is another common case we see a lot. Often these patients are put on psychotropic drugs (antidepressants, etc.) by their doctors because “it’s in your head, your problem is caused by too much stress.” It’s interesting that in a large number of these cases who come to us that the symptoms resolve and the person gets off the drugs.

We specialize in women and children’s health problems although we have helped thousands of men as well. Some of the cases we see most often are menstrual- and menopause-related problems, multiple-symptom conditions (such as a combination of joint pain, fatigue, mental lethargy and depression, digestive problems and an irregular cycle) and every kind of children’s health problems.

The types of health problems we see most often are typically those problems that traditional medicine doesn’t handle well:

Hormone Imbalances

Hormone imbalances of all kind, menstrual problems of almost every variety, menopause problems, thyroid, adrenal, prostate, pituitary and pancreas issues.

Digestive Problems

Gas, bloating, heartburn, reflux, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, alternating diarrhea and constipation, burning stomach, gallbladder problems, etc.

Fertility Problems

Often fertility issues have as a basic cause that the body just isn’t healthy enough to get pregnant. For example, a person under a lot of chronic stress for a long time will be in adrenal “resistance” phase with high cortisol levels, decreasing fertility. This shows on a simple lab test, but there is no medical solution.


Fatigue spans the spectrum from low energy to debilitation exhaustion, sleep (can’t get to sleep, wakes in the night and can’t get back to sleep, not rested in the mornings, not functional in the mornings, sleep too much, falls asleep during the day or while working or driving), depression and lethargy (both mental and physical).

Emotional Issues

Irritable and moody, lack of interest in life, anxious, panic attacks, worries incessantly, fear of something terrible happening, mood swings, learning and concentration problems, hyperactive and fidgety.


Back, neck, hip, buttocks, leg pain. Arthritic-type pain in joints and hands, headaches, general muscle pain (fibromyalgia type pain).

Diet Problems

Sugar, carb, salt and junk food cravings, can’t stop eating, eats too little, no appetite, eating disorders.

Children’s problems

ADD” and “ADHD” type symptoms, allergies, picky eaters, bed wetting, behavior problems (such as hyperactive), weight problems, puberty menstrual problems, rashes, dark eye circles, sinus and ear problems, sick a lot.
Sinus problems and allergies: sinus headaches, constant congestion and post-nasal drip, sore throat, cough, chronic chest tightness, blows nose constantly, red or itchy eyes, hives, swollen lips. Asthma-type breathing problems.

We frequently see very small babies suffering from colic, lack of appetite, failure to thrive, rashes, constant infections, developmental delay and associated issues.

Urinary Problems

Frequent urination, incomplete voiding, up during the night.

Circulation Issues

Blood pressure, cholesterol, poor circulation, heart palpitations.

Blood Sugar Problems

Irritable, moody and shaky when hungry. Has to eat constantly. Weight gain, frequent urination, numbness in extremities.

Weight Problems

Weight gain or can’t lose from chronic health conditions (thyroid, adrenal, liver, ovaries). Weight from diet problems (sugar cravings, increased appetite, eats when stressed).

Overall Health Improvement

Increased feelings of well-being, less illness, more energy, better concentration and memory, greater ability to handle stress, less worry or concern about health.

Often-Reported Other Problems That Have Improved

Hair loss, facial hair (women), thin, ridged or brittle nails, dry skin, acne, eyesight, nail fungus, general joint pain, gum disease.

NOTE: Reports of results are based entirely on patient experiences as reported to us in success stories and during periodic progress interviews and are not claims of treatment outcomes. Cases are different and results vary, the only way to know if your particular problems will resolve is to give your body every chance to heal and observe the results.

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