Immune Boosting Diet Tips

Immune Boosting Diet Tips

Your diet is probably the biggest factor in how healthy you are and how well you can fight off diseases. So if you want to avoid the cold/flu or other ailments, boost your immune system by following these tips:

SUGAR: Severely reduce or (better yet) stop eating cake, candies, cookies, ice cream, sweetened drinks and other foods with a lot of added refined sugars. Every time you eat sugar can reduce the efficiency of your white blood cells by up to 70%, and take 4 to 6 hours to recover.

MILK: We recommend substituting rice or almond milks for cow milk. Milk can produce mucous, and contains a large amount of sugar as well.

FAST / JUNK FOODS: These foods contain excessive amounts of sugar, partially-hydrogenated oils and high levels of food chemicals and additives (flavor enhancers, texture enhancers, coloring, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavoring, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, preservatives and other toxic chemicals).

JUICES & OTHER SUGAR DRINKS: Fruit juices contain a high level of concentrated sugar from the fruit. This can have the same effect as if you’d eaten refined sugars. We recommend not drinking fruit juice unless it’s diluted with water about 3 parts water to 1 part juice. Sweetened drinks such as sports drinks (often used for rehydrating sick patients), lemon/lime carbonated soft drinks (often used for upset stomach), sweet tea, soft drinks, kool-aid, canned fruit drinks (punch, etc.) and “vitamin water” type drinks all contain sugars, food chemicals or synthetic vitamins and are stressful to the body.

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To help your body’s immune system stave off that flu, learn how changes to your diet can give you an immune boost: