Evectics Symposium


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Three Practitioners

Melodie Billiot DC, Matt Smith LAc,
Nelli Biddix ND

Evectics(SM) Symposium

Dr. Billiot demonstrates ARE Nervous System Testing on a Symposium Attendee

There is so much false information in the health field today. Therefore, we feel it’s our duty to offer a free Symposium to teach the truth about it.  The truth involves things you won’t see on television, read on mainstream websites and probably won’t hear from the medical profession.

Our Symposium teaches the truth about how to help your body recover from chronic illness and how our health care system is broken.

FOR: New patients, their friends and family, general public and all those who wish to gain greater control over their health care. We cover a wide variety of topics, and give live demonstrations of the nature of the body and its healing capacity.

Live demonstration of direct testing of the nervous system.

Demonstration of nutritional testing and clinical nutrition.

Understand Heart Rate Variability testing.

Understand the EvecticsSM Chart to Health & Wellness, the logic of how you can recover your health.

Alternative Health Atlanta clinic, 1640 Powers Ferry Road SE, Bldg 14-100, Marietta GA 30067

(NOTE: For GPS users, remember to enter the “SE” after Powers Ferry Rd, or you will go to Buckhead by mistake.)

You are encouraged to bring guests!

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*EvecticsSM is a new approach to healthcare that embodies art and science, integrating what we know about the human body with patient-centered, science-based care. EvecticsSM addresses the causes of chronic disease, which is rooted in lifestyle choices, environmental exposures and genetic influences. For new patients, their friends, family, general public and all those who wish to gain greater control over their health and health care.

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