Diabetes II

There is a lot that your doctor is NOT
telling you about Type 2 Diabetes.

LEARN MORE at our FREE Seminar

Wednesday April 30th at 7:00PM

Dr. Melodie Billiot, DC, Founder of Alternative Health Atlanta and Developer of EVECTCSSM Therapy Systems  will take up:

  • Why you may not have to suffer the irreversible damage of diabetic drugs.
  • How you may be able to reduce the risk of losing your sight, your toes, your kidneys.
  • What you can do to get your MD to reduce your medication.
  • What may be the REAL CAUSE of diabetes that fully explains the current epidemic.

Where: Alternative Health Atlanta
1640 Powers Ferry Road SE, Building 14-100
Marietta, GA, 30067

By Reservation Only.
Call 770-612-1100 or fill out the registration form below.

Seating is LIMITED to the first 30 registrants.

Bring guests!

Refreshments served.

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