Frequently Asked Questions

[expand title=”Will your treatment programs work for my specific problem (such as allergies, asthma, digestive problems, fatigue, female problems, headaches, pain, prostate problems, sinus problems, sleep problems, weight gain, etc., etc.)?”]Because we only assist the body to regain its ability to heal itself, the real question here is, “Could my body possibly heal my particular condition.” The power of the body to heal itself is truly awesome. Although it would be impossible to predict any one specific case, our experience with most chronic health problems has been excellent. Please see the Testimonials page to read about the experiences of hundreds our patients with many different types of health problems. We have received thousands of success stories in the past 12 years from patients with almost every health problem imaginable. The only way to determine whether or not our programs would be appropriate for you would be to perform a complete evaluation. You can get full information on this service by calling our Reception at (770) 937-9200.[/expand]
[expand title=”How long does it usually take to see results and feel better for patients doing a treatment program at your clinic?”]This does vary from patient to patient. However, if a program is correct and effective, the body will be regaining its ability to heal itself right from the start. This would result in less stress on the body. If the body is less stressed, there will be symptomatic improvement in nearly every case. It is important to realize that since our programs are ONLY addressing the body’s ability to heal, that it is up to the BODY to determine what gets worked on first and at what speed a patient will see results in this area. We track all symptoms visit by visit, and expect to see significant improvement in many areas from very early in a program (first few weeks) right on through to the program’s end. Our experience has been that as the body continues to heal over time, most symptoms do improve or completely resolve.[/expand]
[expand title=”Will I have to keep coming to you for many years, or forever, to keep from getting worse?”]The goal of any of our treatment programs is for the patient’s body to regain its ability to heal itself. Once this has been completed, the body

In many cases, patients benefit from a “Maintenance Program” with our clinic. This generally consists of whole-food supplements specifically targeted to assist the body to maintain any areas of weakness or permanent damage. Instead of taking a “one a day” type vitamin to maintain health, these patients take the specific support supplements their bodies test for to make it easier for them to maintain health. Most maintenance patients come in every few months to have their supplements and dosage corrected so that they are always on the exact, most effective program.[/expand]
[expand title=”How long have you been in business? What is the history of your clinic?”]Dr. Billiot first started the practice in 1994 as a chiropractic clinic. She began researching ways to use nutrition to improve chiropractic results from the very beginning. The clinic began delivering holistic clinical nutrition services in late 1996. 1997 through 2001 was a period of intense research and program development, culminating in our current program formats being delivered starting in early 2002. Though we never stop researching (Dr. Billiot is now primarily engaged in research), we have been using the same basic evaluation and treatment technology since 2002 with excellent results.[/expand]
[expand title=”What certification and education do your doctors have?”]Our practitioners are specially-trained chiropractors. Chiropractic school is a rigorous four-year doctorate program comparable to medical school in the subjects of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. With this background, our doctors train for several months at our clinic as well as traveling to different seminars for additional training directly from leading researchers and practitioners in the holistic field. Doctors then do internships at our clinic and are certified to treat patients.

Doctors as well as staff at the clinic never stop studying and training. Doctors attend seminars on clinical nutrition and other related subjects several times per year. Chiropractors have required continuing education to maintain their licenses in addition to all other training.[/expand]
[expand title=”What is the cost of your programs, and is this covered by insurance?”]Every patient at the clinic is on a different program, as no one has the same combination of symptoms or reasons for their problems. Therefore, it’s not possible to give a set cost of a program. Patients who do an evaluation with us are given the estimated details of a proposed program BEFORE they ever begin any treatment at the clinic. Patients know the likely benefits obtainable, length of the program, type of visits, any lifestyle changes needed and the cost before deciding to start. This prevents patients from leaving programs incomplete by starting something they can’t finish.

As a rule, holistic health techniques are not insurable as few are “approved” by the AMA for insurance. Typically, only drugs and surgery are routinely insurable. Because we work with the body to let it heal itself and use no invasive techniques at all, our liability insurance expense is extremely low and we can keep program costs very affordable. We have every type of patient at the clinic from laborers to executives, and have always worked to keep our programs within reach of almost anyone who really wants to regain their health. The expense of services on our programs is possibly eligible for deduction as a medical expense, check with your tax advisor to be certain.[/expand]
[expand title=”There are so many alternative techniques available, such as acupuncture, reflexology, detoxes, vitamin programs… how are you different?”]The first answer to this question is WHY are we different. There are many very effective programs and practitioners helping thousands of people get well using holistic or alternative techniques. At Alternative Health Atlanta we specialize in handling cases that have not responded well to medical or alternative treatment. Over the years as we have researched and developed our programs, we have found that the following areas are important when getting results on difficult cases:

It may sound simple, but a big part of our success is simply being willing to do whatever is needed to get results with patients. This includes properly advising patients of what they themselves will have to be willing to do BEFORE we start a program so that we get the necessary compliance. Sometimes it just takes a lot of work to be successful. For example, if a patient is having difficulty in learning to improve their diet, our diet consultant may take them grocery shopping to teach them how to read labels and find health substitutes to poor-quality foods. We do what we have to do and ask the patient to do what they must do in order to get results.

Accurate evaluation is probably the single biggest key to our success. Diagnosis is the naming of a medical condition found in a patient. It tells the patient and doctor WHAT is wrong. Evaluation is discovering from the body the reasons WHY the body isn’t functioning correctly. Knowing WHY the body is having a problem tells us what to do to assist the body to correct the cause of the problem. A good example would be high blood pressure. A patient is diagnosed by an MD with “high blood pressure” (hypertension) and put on a drug to lower the pressure. No effort is made by the medical doctor to discover WHY this condition exists, it is enough to simply use drugs to suppress the symptom. Hypertension is the diagnosis, or WHAT is wrong. An evaluation could be done in this case to find out how to assist the body to regain its ability to heal itself. This program would not be “aimed” at the hypertension (which is only a symptom of the underlying problem), instead the program would help the body improve its health to the point that it no longer needed to express the symptom of hypertension, and possibly many other symptoms. At the clinic we don’t treat the hypertension (or any other symptom), we only assist the body to regain its ability to heal itself and trust that once this has begun to occur that the body WILL heal itself.
[expand title=”Do I have to stop taking my medications to do your programs?”]Absolutely not. In many cases, patients are on life-sustaining medications. Patients come off of drugs all the time on our programs, but they are taken off these drugs by their medical doctors, not by us. As the body heals and gets to where drugs are no longer needed, the patient stops testing for these drugs and their MD stops them.[/expand]
[expand title=”I have read that you do an Allergy Elimination technique. What does this do, and can allergies really be eliminated?”]Allergies are a result of the body misidentifying a substance, such as a particular food. The body sees this food as partially a toxin instead of what it really is—just food. As a result, the body treats the food as a toxin resulting in an immune system reaction and / or an attempt to block the use of this particular nutrient. These blocks can cause communication stops anywhere in the body and possibly create almost any kind of health problem. An immune system reaction can create the common symptoms identified as “allergy symptoms.” An allergy elimination technique allows the body to reanalyze the allergic substance and discover that it isn’t really toxic. Think about this: allergies are an INFORMATION problem in the body. If you asked a surgeon to remove your shellfish allergy, what would he cut out? There is no physical manifestation that causes an allergy. Allergy medications or shots may stop the body’s ability to react to a toxin, but the body still has the “bad information” on file. Allergy Elimination allows the body to handle this information problem which can result in a permanent end to the allergic reaction.[/expand]
[expand title=”I’ve heard that you require diet improvements as a part of your treatment programs. What’s involved? Will I have to eat weird or become a vegetarian?”]We address diet as a life-long issue, because once a patient regains their health on our programs, it is necessary to eat well to continue that health. We don’t recommend “out of the mainstream” diets that would make normal life difficult. Instead we educate our patients on how the body uses food, how to judge the quality of food, and how to successfully substitute better foods for those that aren’t healthy. We don’t tell patients what to eat, we educate them so they make better food choices based on knowledge.[/expand]