Sometimes the answer to a problem or threat isn’t where you expected it to be. It can be like the Escher painting above: things can look completely different depending on how you view them.

Most of us are used to expecting our conventional doctors to have solutions to infectious diseases. Conventional medicine fights infectious diseases by attacking and killing the infectious organism.

But that’s not working now.

There’s no vaccine or any other conventional therapy that is successful at treating COVID. There may be a vaccine in the next year, but vaccines never protect everyone. For example, the flu vaccine has ranged from 40% to 60% effective over the past 15 years. About half the people vaccinated get no protection. CDC Vaccine Effectiveness

You can bet that in the future, there will be other infectious illnesses with no conventional treatment.

The Solution for No Vaccines

The solution to these threats is to apply the Escher principal and look at the problem from a different perspective:

Instead of attacking the virus, you can support your body to resist it effectively.

You can be personally prepared and have your body ready to fight back, which is a better plan than depending on medicine coming up with a pharmaceutical hail-Mary. Simply: you need your body to become healthy enough to withstand the virus.

But wait! The news is full of stories of healthy people dying from COVID. Being “healthy” appears to be no guarantee that you won’t get sick.

The answer to this again lies with the Escher principal. Many people, especially when young, have the apparency of health without the reality of health. The 20- and 30-something young, energetic set are always shocked when they hit their 40’s and get diagnosed with chronic illness. Bodies were engineered to hide symptoms until increasing stress forces the body to show problems. Just because a person feels good and doesn’t have any diagnosed disease or chronic symptoms doesn’t mean that their immune systems are robust. It doesn’t mean that they can resist or recover from an attack like COVID.

How to Get Healthy

If you go to your conventional medical doctor and ask him to help you become healthier and boost your immune system, he’ll probably tell you to eat healthy food, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. While this is not bad advice, it’s woefully inadequate to address COVID-type threats.

Going to your conventional doctor to improve your health is like calling a plumber for an electrical problem.

Improving health can only be done by working with your body to assist it in overcoming any barriers and stops that are preventing it from healing itself. Working with your body to improve its health requires a holistic doctor, not a conventional doctor.

If you don’t have a holistic doctor, it is past time to find one.

 A holistic doctor can help you to achieve your optimal health. Conventional doctors, on the other hand, diagnose pathology and prescribe drugs to treat that diagnosis. The problem with this conventional model is that the medication prescribed does not promote health. There is a time and a place for drug therapies, but they are over-prescribed in the US. The continued use of drug therapies leaves the body depleted of vital nutrients that it will need when confronted with something like COVID.

How to Find a Holistic Doctor

Search for a local “holistic doctor” or “naturopathic doctor” or “functional medicine doctor” or “alternative medicine doctor.”

If this is new to you, I do have some advice and guidance.

Working with a holistic doctor involves you becoming more educated about how your body functions and how to improve your health. When you are working with the body instead of on the body, the person “living in it” will do most of the work.

My website is rich with free educational material on these subjects:

Here is a free booklet to help you understand the holistic approach to health.

Here is a webpage that explains how our treatment works.

I would be happy to see you or to make a telemedicine appointment. Go Here if you are interested in finding out about this option

Click on the above image to understand how bodies heal themselves.

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