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  • Why health problems happen in the first place?
  • Why conventional medical treatment can be ineffective for many health problems?
  • What traps could you avoid that would speed up your health improvement?
  • A list of sensible, effective actions you could take to improve your health.

Are you "just living with" health problems?

Do you live a "normal life?" You hold down your job, take care of your family and friends, you're active in churches and other organizations.

But every day seems more difficult than it should be. 

Whether it's sleep, fatigue, pain, digestive problems, anxiety, depression, menstrual or menopause problems, concentration, memory... your life is compromised by your health.

Many people in this position have given up finding a solution and are "living with it" instead. Often, this is because over many years of searching and effort, they have found no effective treatments or solutions. These people have found that medical technology is very close to bankrupt about these chronic problems, other than temporary or long-term drug management of symptoms.

If this is you, you owe it to yourself, family and friends to read this book right now. For thousands, the information here has been the start of a complete change of health and life.