PMS-Flower in the rain How frustrated are you by your own body? Does it have a stubborn health condition like blood pressure, IBS or PMS? Is it overweight? Is there something about your body that drives you nuts, but you’ve almost given up finding out why or if something could be done about it?

I think I can make it clear why you’re frustrated and at least steer you toward some solution.

In a world where engineers can create working quantum computers and keep a manned space station in orbit for over 18 years, scientists are still incredibly frustrated by bodies. The reason for this is that the wrong scientific model is being used by doctors and researchers.

Scientific model: a representation of an idea, an object, a process or a system that is used to describe and explain phenomena that cannot be experienced directly.

The Medical Model:

The scientific model used in medicine is the body as a biological machine. In this model, the parts of the body work together to create overall function. Parts that get damaged or wear out from old age need to be repaired or replaced. If a body is ill in some way, it means that the machine is broken and needs to be repaired. Repair is accomplished by changing the chemistry with drugs or changing the structure with surgery.

This model is very effective for injury, acute illness, infections and the like. You can easily determine what health problems work well with this model. It’s the list of health problems where medical doctors get good results.

Where the model does NOT work with is “chronic” (continuing or repeating) health problems. This again is obvious, because medical doctors can do nothing with these other than manage the symptoms with drugs (PMS and hormone imbalances, digestive problems, pain, fatigue, depression, weight, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.).

Chronic problems are accurately represented by an entirely different scientific model. This is overlooked by the medical community, probably because only their old model works with pharmaceuticals— which is what their business model is based on.

The Chronic Model:

This could also be called “The accurate model” as it comes closest to how the body really works.

In this model, the body is seen as an organization of over 37 trillion cells, each one independently alive. These cells live an average of about three months, and our bodies replace about two million cells per second. Looking at your face in a mirror? How old is that face? How about three months!

Our environment is very stressful to a body. You don’t realize how many toxins are in the air and water, how much stress we’re all dealing with, how bad the food can be, the effect of drugs, and on and on. You don’t realize this because bodies are designed to hide stress and symptoms as much as possible. Your body is being damaged almost continuously; you just aren’t aware of this.

Your body is at its core really a mechanic. It is constantly repairing and rebuilding itself. If your body can keep up with the repair and rebuild work, you stay healthy. If it can’t, or if some damage to its “mechanicing ability” happens, then you will develop a chronic health condition.

If science turned its attention to how to use this model to help bodies restore their own healing ability, we wouldn’t be living in a society where over half the population has a chronic health condition— and maybe you wouldn’t have PMS. If science and government publicized the toxins and foods that cause so much misery, these things would change to everyone’s benefit.

Don’t hold your breath, however.

What you can do:

If you have a chronic health problem, it can be very helpful to recognize some facts:

  1. There is no medical “cure” or solution for your problem available from conventional health care. If it’s advisable to control your symptoms (blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) then you should take advantage of the excellent medical technology for this. Just understand that there is no final solution coming from this area.
  2. The solution to your problem comes from your own body regaining its ability to heal. The only doctor expert enough to make this happen is… your own body. No one else, no matter how well educated, has the slightest idea what needs to be done in your specific case. If you need help, you should look for like-minded practitioners who have expertise in testing the nervous system and using functional labs.
  3. In some cases, reducing overall stress can give your body enough additional resources to recover. Try it! Stop eating sugar, junk food and refined carbs. Eat regularly, don’t skip meals. Stop eating milk and cream. Quit alcohol and/or recreational drugs of all kinds. Get active several times each day. Make yourself get enough sleep. Avoid stressful people as much as possible.
  4. Supplements without testing are so hit and miss that it’s hard to even make recommendations. Stick with basic digestive enzymes and probiotics.
  5. If you have a serious condition, my experience is that DIY has little to no chance of success. You will need to find an expert in helping bodies to heal their own conditions.

Successfully recovering from a chronic health problem such as PMS in our current society isn’t easy or simple. But if you understand what I’ve told you in this post it IS POSSIBLE. You just must start by understanding the bankrupt nature of medicine regarding chronic problems and realize you must look elsewhere for help.

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If you have a health problem with no solution other than to manage the symptoms, I can recommend that you stop accepting this and start researching a real solution. In many, many cases there will be a way back to health for you.

I wish you the best of luck, and offer you any help or advice I can.


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