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If you have a chronic health problem and are going to a conventional medical doctor, you may be in trouble. Your problem might be blood pressure, diabetes, depression, hormone problems, thyroid, autoimmune, IBS, GERD or other digestive problem, etc.

You may also have no idea you’re in trouble.

Why should you think you’re making a mistake? After all more than half the population is managing chronic health conditions using drugs through the medical system. And, it’s paid for by insurance. Where is the problem, here? Your doctor will put you on drugs to manage your diagnosed condition for the rest of your life.

The problem is that your overall health will deteriorate from the stress of the untreated cause of your chronic condition and the stress of the drug. As additional problems from this stress show up, they will be treated with additional drugs, and your condition will continue to decline.

You probably already know this. First, you likely have friends and family members who have been put on additional medications as their health decreased. Second, if you’re reading this blog you likely are interested in how to effectively avoid this trap and actually get well.

Could Functional Medicine Doctors be Your Solution?

You may have heard about a relative newcomer to health care called “Functional Medicine Doctors.”

Functional medicine doctors are most often medical doctors who themselves are fed up with the standard treatment protocols for chronic illness and want to offer a better solution. They use some medical and some alternative forms of treatment, and use special labs designed to show underlying causes rather than to just prescribe drugs.

A functional medicine doctor will look for causes of stress behind your chronic condition and attempt to treat those causes instead of just treating symptoms.

The only problem with the brave new world of functional medicine doctors is that many of my patients tried functional medicine doctors without result before they found me.

I’ve heard some good reports and I know that the functional medicine doctor approach can be an improvement over conventional medical treatment. But I don’t believe functional medicine doctors are the entire solution that is needed.

What Conventional Medicine Doctors and Functional Medicine Doctors Have in Common:

Both are looking for a solution to a symptom by looking for ways to repair a biochemical machine called a “body.”

The medical doctor uses the scientific approach. This is a pre-packaged course of treatment proven with scientific studies. The doctor makes a careful diagnosis, then follows the scientifically proven treatment protocol. For many illnesses, injuries, infections and other accidents of life, this approach produces fantastic results and saves lives.

However, for most chronic illness, the treatment may stave off death or disability but without hope of restored health.

The functional medicine doctor looks for underlying toxicity, diet problems, oxidative stress… things that could be causing the stress leading to the body failing to heal. Special functional lab testing and good clue-sleuthing are used to find these causes. The functional medicine doctor treats these causes in an attempt to reduce the stress, build the health of the body and eventually reduce or eliminate the symptom.

A Third Solution to Recovering Health from Chronic Illness

Your body is made of about 37 trillion cells, each one is independently alive. This collection of living cells is organized into something you can walk around in by an “onboard intelligence” that runs your body, so you don’t have to. Otherwise you’d have no attention left for anything else.

This intelligence is in charge of maintenance and healing for your body.

A chronic health condition is caused by a stress that your body can’t handle. This stress causes your body to fail to keep up with its own maintenance. This leads to increasing damage, until finally you develop a symptom.

Two important things to remember about this:

  1. Your body intelligence knows what is wrong, what needs to happen and in what sequence to fix it.
  2. Your body never stops doing everything it can in an attempt to heal, even if it’s failing.

So, here’s a new, third solution to chronic health problems: don’t just treat the symptom (medical doctor), and don’t just treat random underlying stresses (functional medicine doctor).

This third approach is to let your body be the doctor, so that the health care professional becomes a knowledgeable assistant. By testing your nervous system directly it’s possible to get key information on what your body considers to be a priority and to test possible solutions. Combined with the functional medicine doctor approach of functional labs and excellent sleuthing, this is a new and effective method of allowing your body to overcome chronic health problems.

In this model, the solution to chronic health conditions is to allow your body to run its own treatment program, helping it to move past “stuck points” until it has regained its ability to heal without assistance.

This approach is called EvecticsSM. (“Evectics” is a 19th century word that meant “the method of obtaining health.”)

Find out more

Here is a webpage with a short summary of what I do.

Here is a free booklet with the story of how I developed my techniques and how those techniques work (very practical information).

Here is a link to a book I wrote about women’s hormones in every stage of their lives (on Amazon)

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Here is a link to a free online health survey that you can submit for a phone consultation on your health

Here is a link to request a new patient appointment

If you have a health problem with no solution other than to manage the symptoms, I can recommend that you stop accepting this and start researching a real solution. In many, many cases there will be a way back to health for you.

I wish you the best of luck, and offer you help or advice if you need it.

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