The most effective way to prevent Covid is to protect yourself from becoming infected (mask, avoiding crowds, hand washing, etc.). Close to this would be getting vaccinated.

But these actions aren’t 100% effective. You can still be vulnerable.

A great safety net to these actions is to boost your immune system. This has the added benefit of protecting you from many other illnesses and just making you healthier overall.

Several lifestyle practices and products can help you with this, but they aren’t all created equal by any means.

Here’s a rundown of the most effective, in order of importance:
  1. Avoid raising your blood sugar level by not eating refined sugar or drinking sweet drinks.
  2. Keep your zinc levels high by using effective, high-quality zinc supplements daily (See article below to understand just how important this can be).
  3. Get your Vitamin D levels checked, and if needed, supplement them up to at least 30 mg/mL. Sun exposure can also help raise D. (Vitamin D deficiency can cause widespread pain, lower resistance to infection, and increase mortality from all causes.)
  4. Take Vitamin C daily.
  5. Eat a healthy diet of fresh foods, and avoid processed and junk foods. Eat only small amounts of processed carbs (bread, white rice, pasta).
  6. Sleep! Most people need seven to eight hours a night.
  7. Get out and move around! Exercise, outside space, and fresh air are important.
  8. Maintain yourself in a good mental space and spend your time with happy people. Avoid toxic humans like… the plague. (If you have trouble finding happy people, you can always become a patient and hang out with us!)

Read the article below to understand the science behind zinc levels and how this can prevent severe illness if you get sick.

Stay Healthy!


Dr. Melodie Billiot

PS: Two Basic Delta Variant Facts You Should Know:

  1. The “R0” (R-Aught) of a communicable disease measures how infectious it is. An “R2” means that one infected person is likely to infect two others around them. The higher the R0 number, the more infectious the disease. Original Covid was an R2, Delta variant is estimated to be about an R6.5. (Chickenpox is an R10, measles is an R12-18 by comparison).
  2. Delta incubation period is 4 days compared to original Covid’s 6 days. This makes people contagious sooner, and they may possibly infect others before symptoms begin. This short incubation makes it difficult to make contact tracing work.

Patient Story

In December 2020 I got Covid, and I got pretty sick. I had all the symptoms described in the flyers. I am convinced this virus knows your weakest link and goes for it. Today, I am convinced that if I had not been treated (on a health improvement program at Alternative Health Atlanta) that I would not have survived Covid. But because I was getting healthier and restoration was in progress, I have survived it. I am thankful to God, and thankful He brought me to Alternative Health Atlanta— A.C.

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More information about dealing with Covid

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An Important Nutrient to Boost Your Immune System Zinc

Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., DACBN, MS, CFMP

As we face the crisis of Covid we all need to consider ways to boost and strengthen our immune systems.

One important nutrient to add to our immune-fighting arsenal is zinc.

According to a study done in Spain at the European coronavirus conference, researchers found that hospitalized COVID-19 patients with low blood levels of zinc tended to fare worse than those with healthier levels.

In the study, the leading researcher, Guerri-Fernandez, and his team tracked 249 patients admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 in March and April. Patients averaged 63 years of age, and 21 (8%) died from their illness.

All of the patients had their blood zinc levels tested upon arrival — the average level was 61 micrograms per deciliter of blood (mcg/dL).

However, the researchers reported that among those who died of COVID-19, blood levels of zinc were much lower, averaging just 43 mcg/dL. In contrast, blood levels among those who survived the illness averaged 63 mcg/dL.

The scientific community considers it common knowledge that mild to moderate zinc deficiency can impair macrophage functions (the PacMan of the immune system) and natural killer cell (NK cell) activity.

In the functional medicine world, the RBC intracellular test is the best test to determine a true zinc deficiency.

I also recommend looking at your most recent lab test and seeing the level of your alkaline phosphatase. Levels of alkaline phosphatase below 70 IU/L should raise an eyebrow for a possible zinc deficiency.

The most absorbable form of zinc is zinc monomethionine.

The two best foods with the highest amount of zinc include pumpkin seeds and oysters.

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Dr. Melodie Billiot is a doctor who has lived through her own exhaustion and illness, and discovered the answers to her own health.

Dr. Billiot

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