Who Keeps Me Healthy? It ain’t me, babe!

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan: “It ain’t me, babe”

The teller that helped me at the bank today appeared about ready to fall over. The man is just unhealthy. Bad color, dull eyes and he makes mistakes frequently. I really have to watch him so he doesn’t mess up my transactions.

When I arrived back at the clinic, we were bustling and full of patients— all of whom are in the process of improving their health. They’re unfailingly happy and optimistic… because they’re on the way back up, not headed down.

I see this dichotomy every day. Out in the public a large percentage of people are sick and getting worse. In the clinic, there is increasing health, happiness and optimism.

What is the divide between so many people who stay sick and those that find the help they need and get well?

That’s easy! Ask them the question, “Why are you unhealthy and unhappy?”

You’ll find one group (sadly, the larger group) will tell you reasons that they don’t control:

“I am sick because I have high blood pressure and diabetes. It’s genetic, my mother had it too.”

If you ask what the person is planning on doing to recover from this condition, he will look at you blankly. “There is no cure for diabetes! What are you talking about?”

If you were placing a bet, how much would you put on this guy getting healthy again? Yep. Not a dime.

 Now, ask a different group “Why are you unhealthy and unhappy?” and you could get an entirely different viewpoint:

“I haven’t figured that out yet, but I’m working on it. I will find a way to get my health back.”

This group is made up of people who feel that they can change their condition and their health. These people will only tell you reasons that they feel something can be done about.

 Which group are you in? One? or Two?

Here’s another way to look at this: WHO do you feel is responsible for your health?

If you say, “My doctor” or “My parents” (genetics) or “My luck” then you, unfortunately, may belong to the first group. As Bob Dylan sang, No, no, no, it ain’t me, babe.

If you say some version of “Well, I’ve lived in this body my whole life, so I recon I probably am responsible for its health” then you certainly belong in the second group.


Here’s the great news: If you’re a Group One member, you can change to Group Two!

Here’s better news: If you feel stuck in a health problem with no solution, we can help you become a successful, card-carrying member of Group Two!

The biggest problem to successfully taking control of your own health is knowing what to do. We can accurately test your body and help you to know exactly what would work and the order of actions to do. We’ll even help you to do them successfully until you’ve got your health back.

Yes, you have to take the responsibility, but whoever said you had to do this without help, on your own?

Follow the instructions below to get help and get healthy again!

Mr. Bank Teller, are you listening??

What To Do Next:

I have developed an “EvecticsSM Evaluation,” which is a very efficient method of testing to determine:

  1. What is preventing your body from healing
  2. How it could be assisted back to health
  3. What would be required to do this.

Here is what is accomplished during this hour-long testing session:

  • Testing to determine if your ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) is malfunctioning in a way that will prevent your body from healing normally (and, if so, the cause and solution to this problem).
  • Testing to determine your body’s overall level of physiological function and remaining ability to adapt to stress.
  • Testing to determine the areas (organs and systems) of your body that are stressed, which organ or system is the primary stress and the main cause of that stress.
  • A comprehensive, in-depth consultation on your health history and current symptoms.

Once testing is complete, your practitioner and the Case Director will review all your information to write a Case Program specifically for you. This program will sequentially address the stresses preventing your body from healing based on your test results, using whatever techniques, products and lab tests are indicated.


You will make a second appointment to come back, once your Case Program has been completed. At this appointment, you will receive an in-depth consultation on both your test results and your Case Program. This consultation is educational and informational in nature and is not a sales presentation.

If we are able to accept your case, you will be given a written estimate of what an EvecticsSM program at the clinic would require.


To schedule your EvecticsSM Evaluation:

If you would like some more information before you schedule an initial evaluation, you can take an online test on our website and submit it for a free phone consultation with a practitioner. Go to our homepage at AlternativeHealthAtlanta.com and click the “Health Test” menu button to take the Life Quality Evaluation online test.

Have a Question? Call 770-612-1100 and ask for our new patient coordinator.

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