This my friend Markay.

She and her friends at Sewing Masks for Area Hospitals-Atlanta have made almost 20,000 masks for our area hospitals. On their own time with their own and donated fabric, without payment of any kind.

The fact that we in the US are relying on hero seamstresses to supply our hospitals with PPE is another story altogether but thank goodness for these amazing helpers. Resourcefulness and talent are on display when bad things happen. Always look for the helpers!

She supplies and continues to supply my doctor’s office with masks as we cannot buy them, to keep ourselves and our patients safe. My gratitude and love to you Markay and the other heroes in our midst.

Please post and share with the # #mypandemichero and tag myself and others. Let’s honor everyone we know who is helping! #❤️ If you need a mask contact me, or Email MarKay:

**Also if anyone has fabric they can donate please contact me as well. Fabric is getting hard to find now.

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