It is not your business 






You almost certainly have an acquaintance that is suffering to some degree every single day because they have bought into a lie.

  • Your coworker suffers from depression that they are sure is from a brain chemical imbalance (the drugs they tried were worse than the depression, so they are “just living with it”).
  • Your best friend has fibroids and is starting to think seriously about a hysterectomy (their doctor says there is no other solution).
  • Your sister is barely making it because she’s so tired and wiped out all the time (at her last physical her doctor told her she was completely healthy).

If your friend had great energy and a healthy, happy body:

What more could this person accomplish their life?

How much happier could they be?

How much more effective could your friend be in helping the people he or she loves?

Could your friend develop the energy, creativity and courage to make the changes to their life that they have only dreamed about?

If your friend has a health problem that is not resolving with medical treatment:

How much damage to their life potential and quality of life could result?

Are they likely to be put on one drug after another in an effort to control their symptoms?

Could some of these drugs have mental side effects such as anxiety, memory and concentration problems that could significantly affect their life?

How much wasted time, creativity and enjoyment of life will be lost to them as a direct result of this health problem?


THE END (or, “What you can do about it”)

Why is this your business?

Because you have the knowledge to help.

By telling your acquaintance about us and helping them to make the decision to get an EvecticsSM Evaluation, you may very well change the course of their lives for the better.


To provide the appropriate application of EvecticsSM technology for anyone who is dissatisfied with or getting poor results from traditional medical treatment.

EvecticsSM is the technology of utilizing life energy and intelligence to restore health.

Very limited number of appointments are available, so please talk to your friends without delay.

Thank you for your help and support!

Dr. Melodie Billiot

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